This past year was one of giant changes for me. I was intending to do a recap post for the past year, but my words kept falling flat. I realized I was struggling because I hadn’t been practicing writing like I’d done in years past.

So, instead of a look back, here’s a promise forward:

I intend to post to this blog, in a substantial form, once a month in 2019.

I know I can’t sustain daily or even weekly posts as I’ve done in the past. This next year will be exceptionally trying for me and I know my energy won’t be able to do more than a single post per month, but I fully intend to make the next twelve posts count in bigger ways than simple updates and pretty pictures. I intend to put out ideas, concepts, beliefs, and transformative thoughts to help me (and by proxy, you) grow throughout the next year both personally and professionally.

2019 will be a challenge for us all, and together I know we can tackle it and see incredible successes by this time next year. So, buckle in, it is going to be a wild ride…