The On Being Human Podcast – Episode 12

The On Being Human Podcast – Episode 12


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In early December I had the privilege to share some conversation with Brandi Fleck for an episode of her podcast. Brandi hosts the On Being Human Podcast where she has garnered some pretty amazing stories in a relatively short time. I’m honoured to be part of her endeavor with the release of episode 12.

I met Brandi when she joined a friend of mine for a documentation conference hosted in Portland in 2017. This is truly the power of the internet, my friends, as I’d not met Stephanie in person at that point, having been introduced via Facebook perhaps a year or two prior (thank you, Jenn for that intro!) Having a shared interest in the whiskey world, as well as word-based professions, when I learned Stephanie would be in town I made a point to get out and finally meet her. I’m so pleased I did, as I got to meet two friends out of that deal that night! Not only did I solidify a friendship with Stephanie, but began building one with Brandi as we all fell quickly into deep conversation over quality drinks at one of my favourite Portland bars, Pepe le Moko.

Over the course of 2018 as I followed Brandi on Facebook I noticed she posted a VERY intriguing question that elicited an immediate response from me…. “What does being human mean to you?” … I jumped in and answered, of course, then thought nothing more of the exchange.

Fast forward to mid 2018 when Brandi lets slip a bit of info around what she’s been working on: building a podcast devoted to exploring that very question in much more detail. That leads me into December when we connected to talk about a part of my story that jumped out to her: my adoption and sense of identity and how it all interconnected with every facet of my life. We had a great few emails back and forth before the conversation, and then a wonderful chat to record the podcast episode.

I promised you more ‘meat’ to my blog posts this year, so why not start off with some deep conversation as I share with you the candid chat Brandi and I had around adoption, re-enactment, whiskey, and gastronomy… Listen in to hear my answer to that question which lead to this episode, and then perhaps let me know your own answer in the comments thread on Facebook as well: what does being human mean to YOU?

Episode 012 of the On Being Human podcast

EPISODE 012: Asking What is Identity – A Lifelong Search Connected to Adoption, Gastronomy, Whisky Distilling, and Historic Reenactment