Looking forward…. and setting my sights

At work, this is the time of year we are all furiously working on our Personal Business Commitments (or PBCs since acronyms are more fun) for the year, essentially working out our goals for the coming months. While I’d love to blog about my PBCs externally, I can’t since that would expose company confidential information as it directly relates to business strategy (though you could expect to see things like working outside the inbox and driving social business initiatives to make appearances there, quelle surprise!) … of course in keeping with working openly and transparently, my colleague Kelly and I are working on our own PBCs in an internal community forum, and activity which will help us refine our goals to be more effective in our roles.

But, it also got me thinking… I CAN expose my personal, non-work related goals, be open and transparent, and find greater accountability than if I just kept them in a draft email to remind myself every now and again. So here we go, these are my goals for 2012.



  • Pay off both Visa cards (Credit union and Bank)
  • Pay off Motorcycle – done by May 2012 at latest.
  • Plan and save for a trip to Ireland in 2013
  • Research available channels/strategies and begin selling photos
  • Stretch goal: Research avenues/strategies to enable some level of income for writing, outside of day job.
  • Sell my SCA Armour (Photograph each piece and determine best channel for sale).

Self improvement:

  • Take a week long motorcycle trip (Mt. Rushmore will likely be a full week out and back).
  • Visit 2 or more light houses
  • Get two more tattoos or equivalent sleeve work.
  • Reduce my weight by 80lbs, again.
  • Get a large, framed map of the USA to use for plotting out rides and general decoration.
  • Build a personal 5 year plan and begin executing on it.
  • Read 5 books by Dec 31. 2012 (2 already done:  Long Way Round by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman  and The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing: Long-Distance Motorcycling’s Endless Road by Melissa Holbrook Pierson)

Home improvement:

  • Clean and organize the garage including disposal of unneeded items.
  • Clean and organize the home office, including filing and disposal of unneeded items
  • Paint loft, hallway, guest bath, stairs, pantry, and laundry (Pantry planned for Pres. Day weekend)
  • Build a 5 year plan for the next improvements to tackle.

The trick now, of course, is to focus everything I do to ensure it is working towards achieving one of the goals above. Anything that doesn’t support one of these goals will likely take lesser priority this year. Some of these are quite lofty (for me, possibly not for some of my readers), while others are easily attainable within a relatively short span of time, well before end of year.

Unless laziness wins out of course 😉

4 thoughts on “Looking forward…. and setting my sights

    1. Oh pish. 😛 The only real tiring bit will be the solo motorcycle ride and painting. Everything else is relatively physically easy and emotionally refreshing. So, Kelly… what are YOUR goals for 2012? Hmm? I figure if we can both share our PBS in our internal forum, you can share your personal goals in your blog too 😉

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