While Raz and others were out whooping it up in Vegas, Jean and I spent the long Presidents Day weekend at home painting our pantry.

Now, let me stop you right there: yes, it does take a whole weekend to paint a pantry… at least when your pantry is around 175sqft and includes a staircase, base boards, two windows, and a pellet stove. Sadly, because Jean got ill Sunday night, some of the trim work is still unfinished, though we were able to prime and paint all the walls and base boards before exhausting ourselves. Luckily I think we only have a day’s worth of work left and should be relatively easy to finish up soon.

We opted for a darker colour in the pantry to give it more of a root cellar/ wine cellar feel. For fear of making it too cave like, we retained the white ceiling and trim all around, which once completed, is more reminiscent of a farm house than a cellar. In any case, here’s some pictures for you to enjoy and see what I mean about it being a large pantry… Generally speaking the last two images are the closest to the actual colour which I was able to capture.