Last weekend was awesome, but I just can’t be arsed to put up a proper blog post. I could do a whole restaurant review, bar review, weekend recap, but I just have no motivation at all…

Suffice to say that I reconnected with a good friend from ages past. Last time I saw her was around 1992/1993. I actually knew here from Jr.High back in 1987/88 and had the benefit of calling her my girlfriend at the time. Too cute 🙂

Friday, we met up for dinner in downtown Portland where Jean and I were able to meet her husband of 11 years, and really connect with them both over food and wine and life in general. VERY good times. I can guarantee we will be doing it again as soon as we get out to Boise, or when they come back to PDX!

5 thoughts on “So…

  1. Benefit?

    “Benefit”? Interesting term. Does that come from being married to an HR person for twelve years?

    Actually, that’s awfully generous …I was pretty homely. The compliment didn’t go unappreciated, though … what a charmer. 😉

    We had a fabulous time with you guys as well. Come visit us SOON.

    1. Re: Benefit?

      Well, as it stands I was quite happy to call you my girlfriend at the time, even IF I had no idea what to do… had I known then what I know now 😉

      As for ‘benefit’, yes, it probably is a trickle down from Jean’s profession…. I could have said luxury, luck, audacity, good fortune, etc. So, choose as you will.

      And we WILL be visiting. I just need to figure out werk scheduling and flights, etc.

      1. Ah! I haven’t; however my brother had briefly considered applying when they needed a chef a couple years ago, and his current partner (with whom he’s opening a restaurant this fall) managed the place for quite a while. I’ve heard wonderful things about it and have been meaning to eat there. Glad to hear another glowing review!

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