NaNoWriMo days 10 through 12

This week has been a bit more miss than hit, mainly due to a metricbuttload of work and a night out on the town Tuesday evening. Combine the higher work levels and lower sleep levels, and you get a burnt out Jason. Last night I only managed to pull out 611 words in two hours before tossing it in.

No major revelations about the process yet this week, other than I am starting to see another break in the story coming soon since I can’t visualize much of where it is going again. The last few pages have just been building out a scene and characters a bit more, but not progressing the story at all. It seems when I start to feel stagnant in the story, as I had started, a major break will be seen in the next day or two. I am hopeful that will happen since I need to play a bit of catch up with my word count after missing last night by well over half, and coming short a few times at the beginning.

The good news is that my count to date is at 19,055 total since Nov. 1st. Not too shabby. Oddly enough, I actually am beginning to expect to build the word count much further past 50k after November when I start editing, since I have a feeling the first 19k here are rushing through some key pieces which need to really be flushed out much further. Who knows, this text may have some legs on it yet.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo days 10 through 12

  1. This inquiring mind wants to know, IS the word “metricbuttload” going to make it into this great work of fiction? And is there a possible connection between the current music preference of said determined author and the resulting “flowery” language? hmmmmm

    1. 1. maybe.
      2. quite possibly.

      I’m still struggling, but we’ll see how things go. Thanks for being a great part of my cheering section!

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