NaNoWriMo Day 26: The finish line

No Time for a real post. But I do have time for this:

50,205 words in the bag.

Yup. I “won”. And by won, they mean I completed 50k+ words in under 30 days to form a fiction novel first rough draft. A VERY rough draft, I’ll admit.

This doesn’t mean I am done working on it, rather it means that now I get to -really- dig into to what I actually wrote and massage it to make this fiction novel readable. I honestly am not even the least bit happy with what I created here, so a LOT of editing is in my future. But what I AM happy with is the fact that I was able to produce 50k+ words in under thirty days and keep them all focused on a basic story line.

I promise you all this: when I have a moment, either over the vacation days ahead or possibly into next week, I WILL post the Title, Synopsis, and Excerpt. **Edited 10-23-2013: I didn’t live up to my promise. It seems that after I went back to edit/review what I’d written, I was still so disgusted with the result that I filed it away and forgot about it. I did try and edit it in 2011 and found my disgust hadn’t decreased, so I refiled it away again. If I’m lucky, I may be able to pull out a short story from it sometime in 2028. **

For now, just revel in my joy that I’m DONE!

7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 26: The finish line

    1. And I hope you enjoyed yours as well.

      Thanks for your support through this month, having people rooting for me has been awesome and got me through to the end without quitting!

      1. I did enjoy my holiday, thanks. And I’ve gotten a fair amount of writing done tonight. The battery is about to go dead, and I really should get some sleep … but I’m hoping for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend to be as productive. I’m confident I can make the 50K!

  1. I am sorry to be late with the comment … but, CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!
    Way to go Jason. That is an amazing accomplishment!

    {{{ BIG PAT ON THE BACK )))

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