Two tenets for a successful social business program

Ownership, and focus of vision. Those are the two recurring themes I’ve seen these past few years which are necessary to run a successful social business program; both of these will be your guiding light moving forward with any social business strategies or activities. First up is the idea of ownership. What I mean by […]

Privacy and social engagement

On the heels of last week’s post about the fear of saying the wrong thing, there’s another fear that also prevents some people from engaging in social media: privacy. Privacy and security fears have been noted as the number one biggest fear for anyone who spends time on-line. For some of these people, those fears […]

Best efforts as a best practice

Social Business permeates our daily lives now. You can’t ignore it. Whether it is a FourSquare check-in, Yelp review, or Facebook/Twitter/Google+ post, if you are playing online you can’t avoid the fact that businesses are engaged. There are countless examples of how businesses have done the right thing or the wrong thing in some social […]