Why all the fuss over stolen LinkedIn passwords:

I’ll tell you… No one really wants to break in to your LinkedIn account and mess with your connections or employment history… well, maybe that embittered ex-love of yours, but not some faceless hacker on the internet who doesn’t know you beyond a login id…. So, why all the fuss over the 6.5 million stolen […]

To be provocative, or to be safe? Thoughts on managing digital personas

Last week I posted the following to both Facebook and Google+, both with ‘public’ visibility: Sitting in a meeting on “Managing your digital personas”. Not sure I agree with the advice given. I manage one identity and one persona: me. More importantly I think overlapping this way keeps me from being one-dimensional, adds interest across topics, […]


Admittedly, this is an odd topic for me to be posting about. This isn’t about overt negativity (though that is a problem as well, just not one I wish to tackle here and now), rather, this is about the passive, subtle, invasive, and far more difficult to accurately identify negativity. Negativity which manifests itself in […]

The etiquette of retweet requests (and how to improve your reach)

  Following is the start of a conversation between me and my dear friend and published author, Mr. Anthony Cardno. I encourage you all to read through my comments to Anthony below and jump in the conversation with your own suggestions, insights, and experiences. This is, of course, a discussion, not the end all be all […]