… second largest by volume in the U.S. that is…

Yeah, I couldn’t either until about three weeks ago. Turns out, it is nearly in our own back yard! Willamette Falls is in Oregon City, -just- South East of the 205.  In fact, it is visible from a view point on the Northbound 205.

Mind you, it isn’t quite as picturesque as Niagra, nor is the drop as impressive (for that we have Multnomah Falls, the third tallest year round falls in the U.S.), but still, by water volume, coming in second is no small task…. 8th in the world is even pretty impressive.

The area, and falls specifically, are industrial in nature, providing PGE with a constant source of energy to transfer into electricity along with the paper mill on the banks of the Willamette.

Jean and I drove out to see the falls this past weekend, and check out the Highland Stillhouse to see if it really was as decent of a whisky bar as they claim (spoiler, it is). Of course, this gave me an excuse the break out the camera again and snap some shots. With the cloud cover and limited viewing points, I couldn’t quite find that perfect shot, but these should do for now, along with a bonus pic of Mt. Hood for good measure: