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A day in photos- whiskies and welding

Posted by on Wednesday, 9 May, 2012

I’ve been a bit heady and word-heavy in my recent posts here, so let’s have some visual fun once again and stop thinkin so hard…

As I noted over on the 3 Drunken Celt’s blog yesterday, Jean and I had opportunity to once again help out our friends at Big Bottom Whiskey and bottle up some of the batch 3 port finish and new Wild Bill warehouse series.

I took advantage of a break between bottlings when Ted had to re-calibrate the filler for both different bottles as well as a different proof dram. Luckily for me it took Ted longer than he’d hoped,which allowed me a decent amount of time to snap off a ton of shots around the warehouse and tasting room. I posted a number of those to the 3DC blog reference above, but I’ll also add them here, along with a few others I’m quite proud of. Once the bottling was done, I helped Ted and another friend Aaron build a base for one of Ted’s new tanks. Since I’m not a master welder, I stepped back as Aaron got to work and continued snapping off some pictures. I gotta say, I’m actually quite pleased with some of the welding images I captured… I hope you enjoy them too!



A weekend of painting

Posted by on Thursday, 1 March, 2012

While Raz and others were out whooping it up in Vegas, Jean and I spent the long Presidents Day weekend at home painting our pantry.

Now, let me stop you right there: yes, it does take a whole weekend to paint a pantry… at least when your pantry is around 175sqft and includes a staircase, base boards, two windows, and a pellet stove. Sadly, because Jean got ill Sunday night, some of the trim work is still unfinished, though we were able to prime and paint all the walls and base boards before exhausting ourselves. Luckily I think we only have a day’s worth of work left and should be relatively easy to finish up soon.

We opted for a darker colour in the pantry to give it more of a root cellar/ wine cellar feel. For fear of making it too cave like, we retained the white ceiling and trim all around, which once completed, is more reminiscent of a farm house than a cellar. In any case, here’s some pictures for you to enjoy and see what I mean about it being a large pantry… Generally speaking the last two images are the closest to the actual colour which I was able to capture.


Oh, but I have been remiss…

Posted by on Friday, 30 April, 2010

I have failed to post about the most interesting news in recent past! Over the past 6 months since getting into contact with my half-sister (Kallasandra),Ā  we’ve been emailing volumes of tomes back and forth on a weekly basis… sometimes more. We’ve both been talking about visiting each other, to meet face to face, and catch up on 30+ years! Of course winter travel between Denver and Portland means we were stuck looking for flights, and the holidays being what they were, no travel plans came to fruition.

But I am here today to tell you, plans were confirmed earlier this month! Kally is flying in to PDX in 2 weeks, and neither Jean nor I can wait. Seriously, the wait is brutal! I can’t even imagine what meeting Kally will be like, especially since we seem to share quite a few personality traits. Jean will likely be rolling her eyes at least half of the entire visit! I foresee quite a lot of laughing over the weekend. And lots of pictures. And quite possibly a blog post afterwards about the entire experience of meeting a blood sibling from the perspective of someone who has never known any blood relations. It is sure to be a roller coaster of fun and introspection to say the least! I think I have a lot to say on this all, but my mind is muddled with anticipation and can’t quite suss out what it all means yet…

So hurry up and get here, Kally! šŸ˜‰

In the mean time, we will be busy this weekend entertaining our dear friends John and Mary, who have driven up to visit for the next few days. Yes, dear readers, this means time in the city, time in the country, and time spent being gluttonous hedonists once again! It will be VERY good to see J&M again, especially since the last time we were able to visit wasn’t a happy time for Jean or I…

BUT, this time will be a whirlwind of sushi, sake, wine, really good food, and of course great conversation with two of our best friends! We need our fix! Truly the worst part of leaving SoCal was knowing that we couldn’t take everyone with us… thank gods so many friends enjoy visiting and giving us excuses to get out and do stuff! Thankfully, J&M should be getting here this afternoon and the fun can commence!