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How very meta…

Posted by on Wednesday, 26 January, 2011

A picture of a camera.

One of the two I obtained off of eBay for a steal. Neither function, but for what I paid, I wouldn’t expect them to. I got them purely for aesthetics. I love the design of TLR cameras, and while one was beaten to a pulp in a former life, the other (pictured below) is still gorgeous; obviously used, but gorgeous none-the-less.

Behold, twin lens reflex beauty:

The majestic Yashica-12 TLR

This particular TLR will have a space in the living room to sit on display next to my grandfather’s old Brownie Special. I recently bought a second Brownie special to modify, as I couldn’t bring myself to work on granpa’s, which is when I discovered the dirt cheap TLRs which I just had to have too. I may even modify the bruised and beaten one into a web-cam or something. Depends on where my mind takes me when I’m bored…