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On discovering and meeting new family

Posted by on Friday, 21 May, 2010

Ah, the long awaited recap on last weekend when I met my 33 year old sister, for the first time. A testament to the powers of the internet, as we found each other through, and have been communicating via email and Facebook since October ’09.

I have come to realize I do not posses the vocabulary or intelligence to properly describe to others what meeting my sister was like. The best analogy I can conjure is that it was like visiting with an old close friend… but without having ever known or met that friend previously; a very odd, yet comforting sensation.

Kallasandra (Kally) arrived Thursday night at PDX around 8.45pm, though it took quite a while for her to actually make it off the plane due to being stuck behind a long line of other travellers. All the while, Jean and I were waiting just outside security wondering if we’d really recognize her when she made it out. Suffice to say our fears were unfounded, though we did have a few moments of near mistaken identity as we waited and then felt absolutely silly for thinking we may not recognize her when we finally met!

Yes, the resemblance is a bit ‘uncanny’ as a few friends have noted. Though I wouldn’t say it is uncanny, I mean after all we are genetically tied, it kind of is -expected- is it not? In either case I am indeed still marveling over the similarities we share. In fact that really was the underlying theme of the weekend: similarities and determining which were genetic, and which were environmental. Suffice to say, genetics are much more powerful than any of us may actually realize.

For fear of making a play-by-play recap, I can tell you this: We went Sake tasting at SakeOne, and wine tasting at Montinore, David Hill, and Oak Knoll,  before a fabulous meal at DeCarli in Beaverton. We ended up at Voodoo Doughnuts, Saturday Market, Powell’s, Radish Underground, and a few other stores on NW 23 before enjoying a quiet birthday dinner at 23 Hoyt. We relaxed at home, went out to Helvetia Winery, and ate a great home cooked meal of Daube Provencale made with the Helvetia Chardonnay we had just picked up. For those of you who have visited Jean and I previously, this should all feel very familiar, even if some of the location names change slightly 🙂

We all had a great time running around the city and out in wine country. Even in moments of what some may see as uncomfortable silence, we weren’t uncomfortable; truly another sign to me that we are from the same cloth. I was content to simply enjoy the company of not only my half sister, but of what I consider to also be a new found friend. Our histories tie us together as family, and there is a deeply rooted familiarity which comes from that, but beyond that familial tie there is also a good person whom I am honoured to call sister and friend:

Kally and Jason


Oh, but I have been remiss…

Posted by on Friday, 30 April, 2010

I have failed to post about the most interesting news in recent past! Over the past 6 months since getting into contact with my half-sister (Kallasandra),  we’ve been emailing volumes of tomes back and forth on a weekly basis… sometimes more. We’ve both been talking about visiting each other, to meet face to face, and catch up on 30+ years! Of course winter travel between Denver and Portland means we were stuck looking for flights, and the holidays being what they were, no travel plans came to fruition.

But I am here today to tell you, plans were confirmed earlier this month! Kally is flying in to PDX in 2 weeks, and neither Jean nor I can wait. Seriously, the wait is brutal! I can’t even imagine what meeting Kally will be like, especially since we seem to share quite a few personality traits. Jean will likely be rolling her eyes at least half of the entire visit! I foresee quite a lot of laughing over the weekend. And lots of pictures. And quite possibly a blog post afterwards about the entire experience of meeting a blood sibling from the perspective of someone who has never known any blood relations. It is sure to be a roller coaster of fun and introspection to say the least! I think I have a lot to say on this all, but my mind is muddled with anticipation and can’t quite suss out what it all means yet…

So hurry up and get here, Kally! 😉

In the mean time, we will be busy this weekend entertaining our dear friends John and Mary, who have driven up to visit for the next few days. Yes, dear readers, this means time in the city, time in the country, and time spent being gluttonous hedonists once again! It will be VERY good to see J&M again, especially since the last time we were able to visit wasn’t a happy time for Jean or I…

BUT, this time will be a whirlwind of sushi, sake, wine, really good food, and of course great conversation with two of our best friends! We need our fix! Truly the worst part of leaving SoCal was knowing that we couldn’t take everyone with us… thank gods so many friends enjoy visiting and giving us excuses to get out and do stuff! Thankfully, J&M should be getting here this afternoon and the fun can commence!