If I hadn’t taken a week off…

I’d still be up to my eyeballs in work. Blech.

It seems today has spewed as much work as possible upon me, and blocked even more work from being done, making the next month a likely living hell. Oddly, none of this could have been avoided by me actually working last week, so I don’t feel too badly about taking it off. However, it all COULD have been avoided as last minute items if procrastination wasn’t king.

Instead, I have until November 1st to complete 9/10ths of my work which has been on my plate since last April. Somehow, even way back then, I KNEW this would happen. Sigh… Oh, and I’ll be traveling all next week for 3 days of training, which means all combined I’ll have a total of 1 complete day, MAYBE, in the office next week to deal with ‘stuff’. Fun. Then the week after I’ll be traveling to GWW, which means another 3 days lost.

So now I get to trudge through our support site and wash it to ensure it complies with legal, along with my 3200+ knowledge base articles. Not to mention the work needed for importing it all into the new systems, along with all the other integration items on my plate.

So, for the next month plus, my stress levels will be rising; I’ll be working even longer hours; and I’ll continue to pretend like I know what I’m doing.

5 thoughts on “If I hadn’t taken a week off…

  1. Damn …. good luck! I had one of those “oh shit I’m only in the office three days next week and then I’m on the road for 2.5 weeks again” moments this afternoon that actually gave me a little bit of a stress attack. So I can, like, relate.

    1. I am finding these ‘small’ stress attacks becoming more frequent. This is a trend I am none too fond of. grrrrr.
      I feel your pain my friend. Not Fun.

        1. Sadly, we do seem a bit simpatico in this aspect. It would be much better is we mutually admired each other for, say, oh hell, I don’t know… something FUN at least!

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