A decidedly work centric post…

Gasp! Yup, that is me coming up for air…. So what HAS Jason been doing all these months you ask? Let me tell you, from a very highlevel, generic perspective (so as not to totally bore you, I even included pictures!):

Last May I was hired on to IBM/Rational’s Knowledge Management and eSupport teams as part of the acquisition of Telelogic, to lead up the KM/eSupport integration team, under the larger scope of the Support Integration lead. My main focus was to ensure all knowledge content was brought into IBM systems, and that the eSupport tooling and support web pages were properly migrated as well. Since then, I have had two major deadlines for the integration project: Nov. 1st and Feb. 2nd.

November 1st was to ensure that we were able to provide support for Telelogic products through IBM channels. There was a lot of heavy lifting to do there to get support pages built out on IBM.com, but we did it and saw success. But that was just the first major milestone…

February 2nd is when all of Telelogic support cutover into IBM systems. This was a much more significant milestone, and one which also involved some heavy lifting behind the scenes with training and tooling rollouts.

As we crept closer to my February deadline, the days got longer and my weekends got busier, but when all was said and done, the cutover was a success. I even got a little recognition on my boss’ developerWorks blog (albeit written by me, though I didn’t know my name would be visibly attributed to it):


As part of the whole transition into IBM, I worked with one of my eSupport team mates to build a browser toolbar to help clients (internal and external) find support information on the various pages on ibm.com. February 2nd saw the release of an update to this toolbar, which I am quite proud of. Both Jim and I worked hard to make it the best tool we could, and I think we succeeded:


I also built out a Telelogic Support Overview page on ibm.com to help as a central jump page for all Telelogic products and transition information. I am fairly proud of this page as well, since it really focuses in on assisting our clients get the answers they need in a single spot. This page really represents the tip of the ice-berg of work that went into the transition, as I generated nearly all of the content here, as well as the directive text blurbs Telelogic’s support site:



Suffice to say, these past nine or so months have been a trial and test of not only my skills, but my tenacity and perseverance. More times than once I had to be seriously talked down. Truly, it was like drinking from the fire hose. But I think I survived.

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  1. Wow. And I love that you have “pretty pictures” that finally tell me a tiny bit of “so, what exactly do you =do= for a living?”

    1. 🙂 thanks! And, well, this was the transition portion of my job… which is slowing down. MY -REAL- job is a Knowledge Manager, which is much more esoteric and difficult to explain.

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