Well now… what a weekend!

The best way to recap seems to be chronologically, so I will start with Friday after work:

1. Dinner with Dave & Robin
Dave is a high school friend whom I have never spoken of in this journal, nor to many of my current friends. This isn’t however, as mysterious as it may first appear. Dave and I simply went our different directions after we graduated high school. The simple reason I haven’t spoken of him was that we lost contact over the past 14 years. But a few months ago he found my email address on the intarnetweb and got in touch with me as he was trying to locate another mutual friend. We chatted and caught up a bit on each other’s lives. Then last week, he emailed me again noting that he and his wife were going to be in town and wondered if we were available for dinner one night. Well I jumped at the chance to see him again and we set up a nice little dinner at an Italian restaurant in Mission Viejo.

Over the course of dinner and out into the parking lot after we simply talked, and talked, and talked. I finally convinced them to come back to our house so we could talk in a more comfortable surrounding, and we ended up continuing our conversation until sometime around midnight. 14 years of catching-up can take a while ya know….
It was unbelievably cool to get back in contact with Dave. I realized again what a good friend he was and what I had missed out on for so long. He is the kind of guy that is loyal to the core, and those are good friends to have! I consider myself lucky to be back in touch with him!

2. Saturday ride with John
Saturday morning came waaaaaay too early though. I was up and on my bike by 8.30am to meet up at John’s by 9am for a day’s ride. By 8.45am it was already 75 degrees and I could feel the heat of the sun through my textile gear, so I KNEW it was going to be a scorcher.
Part of the purpose for this ride was to perform a real-world test of our poor-man’s communication system: an FRS/GMRS radio with a helmet mounted headset. Up to 40mph, they worked flawlessly… at highway speeds, the performance decreased dramatically, but were still useful enough to indicate the need to talk.
I don’t know how I ever rode without one of these sets though. The ability to talk with a ride-buddy regarding road hazards, lane changes, and even just idle chatter was astounding. We were able to make quick on-the-fly decisions which kept us moving forward during the ride. This became a very good thing when we hit 106 degree temps on the 15 freeway, at which point we decided to turn tail and head towards the coast on a dramatically different flight plan. I’ll tell you, 82 degrees never felt so cool than it did on Saturday afternoon.
When all was said and done, it was one of my best rides to date even if we only put on 145 miles.

3. Sunday garage cleaning, then a wine tasting party at Jeremy & Marni’s
Sunday morning was spent rooting through the garage and throwing away as much junk as we could fit into our trash and recycle bins. Luckily I was able to nap in the afternoon and wake up refreshed before the wine tasting party at Jeremy’s house.
The party was a success for Jeremy and Marni, and we found a few bottles between $4.99 and $14.99 that were well worth the price. Between 11 people, we killed about 14 bottles. The food was fantastic, the wine delicious, and the company outstanding. What more could anyone ask for?!

4. Monday at my parents then another tattoo sitting with Wendi
Monday morning was spent cleaning inside the house to prep for yet another Open House. We spent the time with my parents, which was nice, though I was unbelievably anxious to leave and actually DO something productive. Sadly that never came to pass. Instead, we headed back home, ate dinner, then were back on the road to Wendi’s house for another round of sittings. This time she completed my spiral design and touched up some of the parts which had been infected. Word to the wise: If you have had any skin level infection or scarring on your body, tattooing over these places HURTS… seriously hurts… BAD. Almost worse than the ditch of the knee.
At one point while Wendi was working on me, I kinda zoned out to the ambient music playing in the background. Wendi was working on a portion of my leg that didn’t hurt at all, but rather just felt like a constant warm vibration on my calf. Since I was laying on my stomach, I was able to rest my head in my arms and relax a bit. I say relax, but really I think I was nearly asleep, because I was suddenly ripped back into reality when the needle moved from my calf to the ditch of my knee again. BAM! And I was right back to being awake and hurting. There’s nothing like being torn from that semi lucid, dream like state by searing pain in the back of your leg. Luckily it didn’t last too long and the session was completed within an hour and a half.
Next sitting is on September 24th to start and hopefully complete the 3DC lettering/logo below the spiral.