Weekend renovations.

This past weekend was a whirlwind of work on the house. Ok, so maybe that is making it a bit more grandiose than it really was. In either case, we got some much needed work started and well on its way to complete.

Friday night was a rather expensive run to pickup window coverings and painting supplies. A few hours and a few hundred dollars later, we arrived back home and began tearing out the old shutters. Horrid as they were, they lasted this long since we just couldn’t decide what to do. So instead we opted for a ‘temporary’ solution which will likely last for quite a while until we really figure it all out.

Pictures from the work can be seen here:

Some items of note in the pictures:
1. Yes we BURNED the shutters. It felt GOOD.
2. Yes the curtains are too long. I will be hemming them up when I find the motivation/time to do so.
3. The colour of the guest room doesn’t really translate in the photos. We primed first, so that is the white you see… the walls are a light brown/tan with just a hint of orange. The colour is called “Pony Tail”, but I doubt that helps at all…
4. The trim is just primed right now. Next weekend will be the semi-gloss work once the walls are completely dry and we can tape it all off properly.
5. Once taped we will also be doing the fun touch up work needed on the ceiling. Because, as the lolcats say: “paintin, ur doin it wrong”. Yes, I got spastic with the roller. Jean is much better at this stuff than I am.

When the guest room is done we can move on to the next room, whichever that may be; we have so many to choose from!

I -may- be selfish and repaint the office next. We shall see, since that room will be more work to prep than the guest room was. I DO know that I need to do something about the crapping blinds in here before summer really hits… of course that also means I need to decide on a color and proper window coverings too. Damn.