Weekend Recap version 1.0

Ok.. I was holding out until I had gotten the pics from last weekend uploaded to my server, but that just hasn’t happened yet. So I’ll hit ya with the recap as it stands, sans photographic evidence temporarily.

Last Thursday and Friday were spent cleaning and hanging art around the house in preparation for Saturday’s open house. God, I love cleaning… The good part to this, however, is that the party gave us the much needed proverbial kick in the ass to actually get our artwork hung on the walls. This had the exact desired effect I had hoped it would: The house now feels lived in. There is life not only -in- the house, but -part- of the house now. Art will do that to a place. Mind you there are still bare spots, but those will be covered all in good time.

Friday was more specifically spent buying beer, liquor, wine, and food. And getting things set and ready for Saturday so we didn’t have to rush in the morning on Saturday.

Saturday rolled around finally, and things got off to a fairly low key start. Alexander was the first to arrive at around 11am, which is when I started in on the mini-kegs of Warsteiner. Next to arrive was Ron and his wife. We had a good time just sitting around gabbing and drinking until I got hungry and fixed up some food stuffs on the grill. Burgers, sausages, and dogs. Yum.

Things began to pick up later in the afternoon when both my parents as well as siobhan_genie‘s parent’s and sister arrived. By this point I was well on my way to happily buzzed and is also about the time when everyone else began showing up. Jean’s parents and sister gave us another one of my father’s watercolour paintings. (I find it ultimately amusing that I get the majority of my DAD’s paintings from my in-laws. There’s just something wrong about that.) My parents got us the coffee/tea pot that goes with our new china pattern. Its funny, the way everything has gone it almost feels like we just got married again!

At this point we toured the house multiple times, laughed, ate, drank, grilled, drank, ate, and laughed again. degopiccolo‘s meatballs were a hit as always. All in all a very fun and oddly relaxing day. Oddly I say because typically hosting parties is a bit stressful (at least for me) and this one pretty much took care of its self.

vmperella and tdhartist were the last to leave at around midnight. We had finished off the night by watching some Saturday Night Live and just vegging out on the couch. Too much fun.

Sunday came all to quickly, though the only work Jean and I did was to fix breakfast and then fix dinner. In between we sat on the couch, in the air conditioning, watching TV. We did -nothing- else.

And damnit, it felt SOOOOO good!

Of course the problem now is that Sunday seems to have set the tone for the rest of this week and I have not wanted to do anything. With the heat like it has been also, I haven’t slept well, which means along with not being motivated, I’ve been dead exhausted after work to do anything anyways. So yeah, I’ve been a complete slug since Sunday.

So there ya have it. Pics from the weekend will be up when I am good an motivated to do so.