Weekend recap

Wow, what a weekend!

To start things off, it was Johnny Reb’s in Orange with Colleen, John and Mary. Damn good times there! Peanuts flew as per usual, as did the biting remarks and general mayhem.

Colleen and I tried to watch a movie when we got back to my place, but we both ended up falling asleep on the couch well before the end. How sad is that. After she left, I finished off the night making a playlist for our drive up to Santa Maria and back for George’s bachelor party. Finally got to sleep around midnight.

Saturday we were up and packed by 10am. We checked on Tom and Terri’s kids (cats) and noticed that one of them had decided to topple one of their DVD stands. Thankfully nothing was broken. We straightened up a bit and then hit the road for the drive.

Let me just say that we are NEVER driving up to Santa Maria on a Friday night ever again. The mid-Saturday drive was PERFECT. No traffic, blue skies, blue water and we averaged a decent 85/90 all the way up. Since we were running a bit early for our hotel check in at 4pm, we decided to make a quick stop by: Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Vineyards to pick up some bottles. Cause damnit, our latest shipment was just not enough! So we walked out of there a few bottles heavier and our purses a bit lighter. Which turned out to be a good things for the next day, but I am getting ahead of myself.

We made it to our hotel by 4.15/4.30, checked in, “freshened up”, and were at George’s by 5.10 to start partying. And boy did we. Specifics, of course, are inconsequential at this point. Suffice to say however, Sunday morning was the -first- time I have ever had a true hangover. And boy do those ever suck. Luckily, I was feeling better by the time we left Buttonwood on Sunday afternoon (which I hear was fine that I missed), and was well enough to taste and buy a few bottles at Sunstone.

The group: The Group
pretty much dissolved at Sunstone as a few had to leave for home, and others were heading back to George’s. Jean and I decided that we would go to one or two other vineyards and then head home ourselves, which turned out to be the perfect idea.
More pics of our tasting are here: http://www.waywardcelt.com/postnuke-phoenix-

We stopped by Koehler Winery and ended up walking out of there with a case of their “Twisted Tuscan” which is a most incredible and strange table wine. The tasting room manager must have liked us or something, because he sold us a case a week before they are supposed to be available for sale. As they only make around 250 cases, I feel pretty damn honoured to have gotten away with one so early!

Of course, we couldn’t just get a case and leave, so we had to grab a half case of their Syrah Estate and Cabernet Estate bottles (3 each). And we may have even set up George with a job as the officiant for the tasting room manager’s wedding in August! How cool is that!??!

Since we pretty much blew our wad at Koehler and Andrew Murray the day before, we decided to hold off on trying to go to Cambria or even Firestone since we knew if we did, we’d end up dropping another $300 or so that we just shouldn’t do. So we started home.

A quick stop at In-N-Out in Santa Barbara for lunch on our way home proved to me that I was feeling MUCH better. I had a double double animal style, but felt like I could have ingested an entire 4×4 on my own. God I love that place!

The drive home was gorgeous as well. VERY little traffic to speak of, which was a bit surprising. Either way it worked out well, since we were able to get home by 7pm on Sunday night and check on Tom and Terri’s kids again to make sure they were still doing okay. Which they were. No toppled anythings this time round.

So home we went, checked emails etc. and were in bed by 9pm. A perfect end to a great weekend. I took the day off today so I could catch up on some much needed sleep (out of bed at 9am) and do some laundry, grocery shopping, and other odds and ends. A very good choice on my part. I wouldn’t have survived today at work.

I actually feel pretty productive today. Tonight we are heading over to my parent’s so we can drop off some orchids for mom’s birthday and a card for my sister’s graduation ( she got an AA from Saddleback in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation).

Thankfully this will be a short week for me, with another long weekend and short week to top it off.

2 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Firsts

    Jason, I was worried about what I would read of myself here. I deeply appreciate your discretion, and am glad to know that I have yet again been part of another first for you! Thank you and Jean for coming up and sharing an incredible weekend with me.


    1. Re: Firsts

      What can I say…. I actually worded it the way I did so as to add some mystique to the night. Make people wonder and all. Truth be told it boiled down to this: we drank. A lot. We danced. We drank a lot more.

      See, it loses something when you tell it like it IS. 😉

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