Weekend plans….

Tomorrow should be a nice motorcycle ride with John to get some miles under his seat and test out our new communications systems we have hooked up in our helmets. (on a side note, we got the systems set up for under $100 and as yet the seem like they will perform very well for our needs. Which is great considering the horrendously expensive systems out there that can top over $600 each for essentially the same feature.) Not sure where we’ll find ourselves, but it should be fun none-the-less.

At some point, Jean and I need to start cleaning junk out of the garage and getting things set up on eBay for sale. Lots to do, and hopefully not a lot of time to do it in, since I really want the house to sell quickly. Of course a quick sale means our lives go into overdrive for the next two months packing/moving/unpacking etc. but it is still better than waiting. Anyone want to buy a nice house in turn-key condition?

Monday is another Open House for all those people to come buy. (Yes, that WAS intended.) Which, of course, means we need to find something to do to get us out of the house from 1pm till 4pm… then at 6.30pm I have another sitting to continue work on my tattoo at Wendi’s house. This sitting should be some touch up on the infected (but healed) portions of the spiral design, as well as work on the 3DC logo which will be placed below the spiral to balance out my left leg’s designs. This also means I’ll be driving for the next two weeks again rather than riding my motorcycle, which makes me (and my wallet) sad, but on the upside I get new ink! 

All in all, a busy weekend is ahead!

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  1. I stumbled across your journal after you commented on an entry written by my friend plumerai, and you seemed interesting, so I decided to friend you. Hope you don’t mind.

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