Too much fun to recount properly…

Work is busy, so I don’t have time nor the energy to wax poetic with my post. So you’ll just have to do with a dry run down of the weekend… but there ARE pictures!

Friday morning saw me at the doctor’s office for a scheduled visit. I walked out of there with a diagnosis of mild carpal tunnel syndrome, mild tendonitis, a wrist brace, and a prescription for naproxen with the advice to keep the brace on for two weeks while taking the medication as well. Wonderful.

Friday night Jean and I joined Raz, Maggie, and Fergus at Café Fusion Sushi 242 for dinner. I had forgotten how much I love that place! Expensive, but totally worth it, especially when Fergus is buying 😉

Later that evening we ended up at Aaron’s place for an impromptu BBQ and gathering. We had some wine, congratulated Aaron and Erin on their engagement, ate some dessert, and then headed home for a somewhat early night.

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn to get to John’s place for a day long motorcycle ride. We had decided to wander up to Santa Maria for lunch and back.

We put on a total of 500 miles in just under 11 hours. We were a bit sore, but nothing lasting. Some pictures from the ride:

At Gaviota State Beach:

John and his BMW R1150RT!

At Cambria Vineyards:

An artsy shot:

Sunday was another tattoo sitting; this time for the 3DC logo lettering to finish off my legs for now. Only a 1.5 hour sitting with relatively no pain at all! Not much else to say here, so here are pictures! (Click to get to the album.)


7 thoughts on “Too much fun to recount properly…

  1. just looked at your gallery. Pat Fish did one of mine, too! It’s just a terribly girly Art Nouveau thing on my foot and ankle. But I was young. 🙂

    1. Pat did Jean’s back-piece. That was a 4 hour sitting for her, and damn did Jean ever earn that tat! We both love the tattoo, but will never go back to Pat Fish again. I can rant long and hard about her, but I’ll spare you the details. She IS an outstanding artist, but she has the attitude to go along with it too. 🙁

      Luckily, I found Wendi Ramirez, who is a fabulous artist with no where near the attitude Pat has… Wendi has done everything on my legs. 🙂

      1. I’m so sorry to hear Jean had such a bad experience. I went to see Pat when she first moved to her place on State Street. It must be about 15 years ago now. She was nice enough then. She also did an arm piece on my then boyfriend’s arm and he liked her, too. I’m sad to hear that her ego has gotten the better of her now. I guess that can happen though 🙁 Oh well, guess I won’t be going back to her if I ever make it back to the US again!

        1. I think it was part ego, and part bitterness with being on the “main drag” and having to put up with the college kids coming in for their trendy lower back tats. I guess she assumed I was “one of those” when I came in, and she was really nasty to other people that came in that day. I thought maybe she was having a bad day, but when I tried to schedule later for her to finish my tattoo, she tried to charge me $50 just to set the appointment. So, Wendi finished it for me several years later.

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