Time to pimp the shiznit

Cause this has recently come onto my plate, I get to begin pimping the following site too:


Tom is an outstanding artist working mainly in Comics. He’s got not only an amazing amount of talent, but even has some great opportunity leads as well to let him cash in on above said talent. Thats what we loving refer to as a “professional”!

That said, more publicity can never hurt. Especially since his Animated Series (currently in development) is going to hit and hit huge. Don’t you want ot be on the ground floor of the D’vil Knights phenomena which is sure to sweep the nation? AH. I knew you did. Check out some of the preview pieces in his Art section. They are sure to wow your sox off.

And for all you conventioners out there, Tom will be at WizardWorld Philly and the Heroes Con in Charlotte. Meet the Artist and all that…

(look at that… two links for the price of one! What a deal!)

Now, for the most important part: TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Pass on the gospel that is developed, designed, penciled, and inked by the one and only “Slow Red Head Kid”: Tom Hodges!

:::slowly steps off soap box…..