This weekend was a whirlwind!

Friday night after work Jean and I headed out to dinner at the Cheescake Factory with Colleen, meeting up with Lisa, John and Mary. While I am not a huge fan of their food, or crowds, I have to say it was a WONDERFUL dinner! Key points of the night were making a waitress ditch us after a fisting reference (though she WAS laughing), and getting to see Mary’s new hair, which was lovely.

Saturday morning came way too early, as we had a lot to do before the afternoon came. Laundry was completed just in time, and all the stuff was organized for the night’s festivities, so we headed on over to John and Mary’s for our small 3DC tasting event.

In total, we only really expected 8 to 10 people total for the tasting, even though we had about the same number of bottles as well. (I’ll post the pics of the table once I get the images from Fergus.) Sometimes we can really impress ourselves with the quality of tasting we can do even though it was such a small group! I would be hard pressed to name all the bottles we had, but the stars of the show were (in my opinion) the Edgefield’s Hogs Head Whiskey, the Glenrothe’s 1992, and the Talisker special edition which I can’t recall the specifics of currently.

The tasting got off to a slow start, which was completely fine by all of us as it was very mellow and relaxing. We slapped some Tri-tip on the grill and had a nice bbq for dinner, even through all the joking around.

Later in the evening things got going a bit more when Marcos and Fergus arrived, both of whom bring life to party in their own separate ways. A bit after that even more friends showed up which was a pleasant surprise since I hadn’t expected to see them! Meala and the Crimson Spade boys (and wife) came out to sample some fine whiskies and lay claim to a favour made for them by our own leather crafter, Fergus. Some cajoling was in order since Fergus had already placed the favour in the trust of Marcos as he had not expected them to show up either. In the end, they got their favour and were able to enjoy warm and welcoming friendship tainted by some wonderful drams!

Sunday morning also came much too early, as I headed back over to John’s to mount my GPS unit on my motorcycle and get out for a decent little ride. All told, we made it as far as 10 miles past the Idyllwild junction on Highway 74 before we needed to turn around and go back home (I was on a time frame as we had dinner plans that night). Of course, coming back we unexpectedly hit a road closure on Ortega, and then some heavy traffic on the 91 as we detoured our way back.

Once home, I showered and was back on the road within 20 minutes heading up to Joe and Paul’s place for a dinner we had planned a few weeks prior. Boy, was THAT a much needed, relaxing way to end the weekend! I am always amazed and impressed with the quality of fare this group of people can come up with. It is VERY nice to have friends and a wife that can cook like they do. After dinner we even took a dip in the hot tub, which I came to realize was absolutely necessary for my comfort after I had soaked for a few minutes, as my back had begun hurting a tad from the day’s ride. This did wonders for me as I was not stiff or sore in the least this morning. The only disappointment for the dinner was that two friends were missed as they couldn’t be there due to illness. And that was sad.

This week is proving to be quite busy as well, which will most likely result in a post sometime tonight or tomorrow outlining all the stresses Jean and I are dealing with…. until then I have already verbally vomited too much for this early on a Monday, so I’ll let you all get back to your normally scheduled work headaches.

9 thoughts on “This weekend was a whirlwind!

  1. Always a pleasure to be joining you guys, I’m only sorry I couldn’t make it earlier. So, you mention Spade boys and wife, so whom are you referring as the wife? Would that be Diego or Raph? he he he!

    1. I probably misspoke… I can’t remember the lovely lady’s name who accompanied them, nor her relation to the Spade, I just assumed it was Diego or Raph’s wife.

  2. The combo of whiskey tasting and fisting at the cheescake factory somehow sounds like a pitch to a studio for a movie, probably something starring Jennifer Tilly.

    Any further luck finding a neighborhood in Portland? (I remembered the other area that a friend lives in – Tigard)

      1. Cool! does the difference in housing price allow you to look at more upscale property than you might otherwise have? (i.e craftsman houses in good shape?)

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