This month has been something else….

Not quite sure where to start. I have been so busy these past 3 weeks that I have had very little time to read LJ, let alone reply to people’s postings. Which makes me sad, I like replying to people! Oh well, I am sure you will all get over it.

If any of you have been trolling around my LJ recently, you may have noticed some broken links to pictures and the like. This was due to a hard drive failure at my webhost and the restore process from the backup didn’t quite fix everything it should have. Before I go on, there is a bit of back story…
You see I have had a personal website since 2000/20001 on which I have mainly just hosted pictures, but had grander ideas which never came to fruition. Because my host was so good to me, when I decided to build other sites and began doing so in a barely professional way, I naturally hosted them with the same company. Since my sites were all under the same account, they all ended up hosted on the same server machine and the same hard drive. So fast forward to March 21st and you’ll understand how stressed I was when -all- of my websites were inaccessible, including the 3DC site, my father’s, and my 2 paying clients’ sites. And how stressed I was for the 3 days they were down, fearing that I would have to rebuild them all if the host’s disk restore didn’t work. Luckily my fears were unfounded for the most part and the 4 sites I was most worried about were fine.

Alas, my personal site took a huge hit and I have been in the process of rebuilding it since the disk was restored. I was able to get the photo gallery back into shape over the course of a night, albeit at a different path, but the main site is going to take some more time for me to figure out what I really want to do with it. I have the framework laid out though, so most of it is just tweaking at this point…

As part of the rebuild I added a WordPress blog” to the site, which is currently just an import of my LJ RSS feed data, but may become my main blog if I find the functionality to be what I need.

I even added a “Bacchanalian Reviews” section to the main site in a small attempt to jumpstart my desire to write reviews of restaurants, whiskies, wines, and whatever else my fancy decides to judge. I am hoping I can grow this section, though I expect it will probably fall flat at some point.

The photo gallery is the same, just using updated software and reinstalled into a shorter path for easier access. I also disabled comments from unregistered users as I found this was becoming an easy target for spammers in my previous gallery.

Of course on top of all this, my job has been bogging me down with work to the point where I am essentially doing the duties of 2 fulltime positions in the confines of a 40 hour week. Ok, well not exactly in the confines of a 40 hour week as I have been getting to work early on some days to prep for 8am conference calls and leaving late due to meetings and discussions which bleed over past 5pm.

Speaking of 8am conference calls… this past week saw me join the ranks of Teleconferencing Host. You see, Wednesday I had to run a conference call for my Knowledge Management Team to go over the work they need to get done for me by April 9th. This was a HUGE deal for me since it was essentially my first visible duty as a manager of this team. The success of the call and on a larger scope, the roll out of the new knowledge management tool, began to rest on me. Yes it is my boss’ project, but he has given a great deal of responsibility to me and I am scared I’ll drop the ball at some point.

Don’t’ get me wrong, I don’t think I’ll fail at this new role; I am just charting new territory for me, which is a very scary concept. Especially seeing how I -did- fail as a manager years ago, and swore I would never become a manager again. Well, things change and here I am, set to create a manager position and take over the project management of the new tool once the rollouts are complete and we stabilize to a point where my boss will let go. So, you can see that this conference call, while nothing huge or ground breaking in its own right, was a giant step for me to take in moving forward to a new position and out of my role as technical support (which, by the by, won’t be a fully complete transition until Q4 of this year when my replacement for support is finally hired and trained).

My job as of late has been all about conference calls and meetings and impromptu brainstorming sessions. It has actually left me little time to focus on my support role, which is still a primary concern. Let me rephrase that, it has left me little time to take new cases as I have been busy dealing with my open case load and the meetings etc. needed for the new tool roll out.

I did find out one bit of news this week which makes me both happy and sad… It turns out I won’t be flying around the globe for the new tool training sessions. Apparently I am so valuable in support that my boss can’t afford my time away from my desk to go train with him. This is good because I don’t need to worry about traveling AND possibly moving at the same time. I am a bit bummed, however, as I was looking forward to getting away from my desk for a stint and actually seeing Dublin, Edinburgh, Malmo, and Bangalore first hand. I LOVE traveling and am dying to get out of the US and go see other cultures on the company’s dime.

All in all, I feel like I am really growing in my job and have the potential and skills to make a good career out of knowledge management. Given my involvement with the knowledge management tool implementation and roll out here, as well as my new role within the group and company, my resume will benefit greatly in the next year while I develop a skill set which I can transfer to another company and command an even better salary/position.

I think that is all the major stuff. The house is still on the market, but as Jean noted in her blog, we have re-listed with Eddie’s son to play the game and make it look like a new listing. Hopefully that will finally work and we can begin planning the move and the rest of our lives can get taken off hold!