The year in pictures…

The year in pictures, 2006…

2005 ended on quite the high-note, so I’ll start there:

December ’05 jean and I were in Victoria, B.C. on vacation, celebrating our 10th anniversary a bit early (July ’06 was the actual 10 year mark):

February brought with it a new vehicle to our livery:

February was also Jean’s first trek out to Estrella War:

March saw the Whiskies of the World convention come and go:

In March I also got to finally meet theJamez:

In April I worked on hand-blueing my two burgeonet helmets for SCA combat:

April still had snow on the ground in the mountains, so we took a day to go play:

In May, Jean’s bestest friend Dana got married (finally!):

June I added more artwork to my tattoo collection:

In August, John got a new motorcycle:

In September, the 3DC (Raz mostly) taught a Whiskies tasting class at KWAR:

In September I finished off my right calf’s tattoo work:

September also provided some time for John and I to ride up to Santa Maria for lunch:

October found Jean and I in Portland, scouting places in which to move:

In November, we took a day trip to a number of Cemeteries:

November also allowed John and I another long awaited motorcycle ride:

December has been a decidedly picture free month for some reason, so I will end the year with this since we are wearing holiday colors:

It wasn’t the best year ever, but you’d never know from the pictures above! Ah the memories…

9 thoughts on “The year in pictures…

  1. It wasn’t the best year, but it’s closing in a good way and should be starting in a good way also. Happy New Year to you two. We miss ya and should be seeing you soon!

    1. I am very hopeful for the coming year. We had some fun this year, but it was marred by the stresses of trying to sell in a down market. Not the best way to end the year… Here’s to a quick upswing in January!

      Happy New Year to you both as well! When will you guys be in town next?

      1. Here’s to that. The move, the getting use to San Antonio took it’s toll on us this year, but it’s starting to become home.

        As for when we’re coming, if all goes well, in about 3-4 weeks. 🙂

        Trust me, you’ll know well ahead of time. 🙂

  2. That was in March???

    It doesn’t seem that long ago that we met…but then again I hear time speeds up the older you get. So that may explain things.

    Happy New Year to you both.

    And what I find myself wondering now is…are you three returning this year for the expo? If indeed it’s held in SF again.

    1. Re: That was in March???

      And a wonderful new years to you as well!

      I know at least 2 of the three WILL be in attendance at the SF WOW expo ( for your tickets), but I am still unsure for myself as I don’t know where I’ll be (here or in Portland). I should just saddle up and buy my ticket, but I have a hard time committing. Perhaps I will buy them soon and make do when the time comes…

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