The times, they are a changin.

First things first; Jean and I had a great weekend hosting my parents from out of town. They flew in last Thursday afternoon and flew back down to Orange County yesterday evening. They were our first house guests in the new place and as such were our trail-blazing QA testers for the systems. With a few minor hiccups along the way, everything went relatively smoothly and I think they had a very comfortable stay with us. This was especially important since the weather was a bit more chilly than is normal for this time of year, so we were glad to have all the heaters and what not working perfectly.

They drove themselves around on Friday while Jean and I finished out our work weeks, and then we took them out to Astoria on Saturday and ran around Downtown Portland on Sunday. We did our best to show them the wide variety of all that Oregon has to offer and I think we did a decent job of it. Obviously there is much more to it all up here than can be seen in a weekend, but we wore them out as best we could and they seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I was happy to be able to show off the work we have done thus far on the house, and the house its self! They both relay loved the place, and dad kept commenting on how cozy and full of character the place is. I hate to admit it, but my parent’s approval means a lot to me when it comes to my house. It is the one thing I see as really indicating to them that I am successful in my life. Everyone has their own yardstick by which they measure success; mine is my home. My parents’ reaction lends to validate my feelings, which says a ton about my emotional make-up, but it is what it is…

So let’s move on, shall we?

Most of my readers know by now that the company I work for was purchased by IBM with the deal finally closing 3 weeks ago. At the beginning of April, we had our “Day 1” event where we were welcomed into the IBM/Rational Software Group and given the brief rundown on the culture within our new company. Over the course of the day, it was mentioned time and time again how many great opportunities there were in the IBM structure…. Let me back up for a moment…..

The week prior to the day 1 kickoff, we all received an email outlining 4 new job openings in IBM with regards to the integration of Telelogic in the to IBM world. The jobs are all general enough that once the integration is complete, the jobs will still exist, but the main drive of them in the immediate future is focused on the integration. My boss followed up the general email, with one directly to me, basically indicating I needed to apply for one particular position.

Sigh. Great. The last thing I needed right after returning from Whiskies of the World was to have to fight for a job. Ugh… While it wasn’t quite that drastic, I just had no desire to go through the process again. But I did. I tossed my name in the proverbial hat and that was that…

Well, during the kickoff event, both my boss and my VP indicated that I needed to get them my resume –ASAP!!!-, to which I replied “You’ll get it when I get home and have time to update it properly”. Well that wasn’t exactly good enough for them, so they got it when I returned from the day 1 trip and stayed up late into the night to get it updated enough to be workable for the next morning. That was a Thursday morning. By Monday the next week I had an email waiting for me from the hiring manager telling me she’d like to schedule some calls but that she is traveling that week and to speak with some of her team members first.

Wednesday I interviewed with one of the senior team members for a solid hour on the phone. Friday, I interviewed on a combined call with another team member and the hiring manager. By the end of that call, they had essentially offered me the job. On Monday morning (yesterday in fact) I had another email confirming that I did indeed want the job…

Which brings me to today: I am officially in transition from my role within Telelogic Synergy Support as a technical support engineer and Knowledge Management Team Lead, to an official position within IBM/Rational Software as an eSupport/Knowledge Management Leader. The transition will take a while, and is about as ambiguous as my job description, but soon I will be 100% IBM knowledge management and no longer trying to balance 2 different positions as support and KM.

This new job is essentially the same position I was defining and creating within Telelogic, so it made perfect sense for me to apply for it. I was lucky enough to get it, which means great things for my career path. While it will be less writing, it will put me square in the field I was already transitioning into, and that makes me very happy.

Of course, there IS a downside here: I will no longer be part of the team I came back to Telelogic for (after they laid me off and asked me back) and will no longer report to the manager I returned for as well. And THAT, my friends, sucks big eggs. Yes, the pain is tempered by the fact that the group I am moving into seems to have a great dynamic built and that my new manager has a wonderful following as well, but it still blows that my time to leave this particular team has come so soon after returning. That single issue made my decision to accept this new job very difficult. Had my current team not been as perfect to work with, my choice would have been a no-brainer. After all, this IS the job I was creating; it is exactly what I want to be doing… I had just hoped I could still be attached to the Synergy crew and working for my boss in the KM role. Ah, every great opportunity does have its sacrifices after all.

So, now my main office will be based in Lexington, Massachusetts instead of Irvine, California. My manager and team members will be completely different, and my job will finally allow me to focus on KM… how’s that for change? Literally less than one month ago I was working under the impression that I’d be with the Synergy group as we went through this company transition together… a month later and my entire business world has shifted to a point where it is near unrecognizable. The next 2 to 3 months will see even more change as I make the transition to this new role and out of my current team. Damn, my head is spinning just thinking about it all.

In a few short weeks I have gone from random small software company employee to bleeding blue as an IBM employee. I NEVER saw that coming! In fact, I almost feel like I cheated. Having IBM on your business cards tend to get slight amount of added respect and I feel a bit like I slid in under the radar without actually earning it or proving my mettle. A silly thought really, but one that still sticks with me never-the-less.

There ya go. My recent life in a nutshell. And that doesn’t even cover work on the house or my day-to-day business of work, which could both take up postings of equal length to this, but I’ll spare you for now.

Suffice to say, this year has been and will continue to be VERY interesting!

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