The promised update: subtitled “The war re-cap”

Ok… I know I promised an update Tuesday night. But I am sure you all know how that goes. Things are busier than ever around here, especially with the resting and unpacking from war.

There are more interesting things going on right now, but I will provide you with the obligatory war recap with pictures as promised.

All pictures and more can be seen on my website’s gallery here

so we rolled in Wednesday night to a tent which had been put up for us by our friends Alric and Raz. And I LOVE that. It truly made my day that much easier, especially dealing with the possibility of us having to go to the hospital for Jean’s dad. (He’s ok now, but had some heart issues on last Wednesday which gave everyone a good scare; especially him). So you can imagine my delight to walk into a camp looking like this:


For us, this was like returning home. We had not played in the SCA for the past year and seeing the camp gate really drove it home for me. I remembered why we started playing in the first place; which ended up being the theme for the war this year for me.
Wednesday night was an early one for us as it turns out. This was simply due to exhaustion. But it was rising at day break for the most part for the rest of the war. Thursday was spent just relaxing and trying to stay cool during the day, while that night was walk-about time for Raz and I. We made it back to camp at around 3.30am Friday morning a whole lot less than sober. And thank the gods we needed it!

Friday evening I had the honour of standing guard as Philippe (now Sir Philippe) sat vigil. Unfortuantely because of the scotch tasting, I was only able to stand for an hour. I wish I could have stood longer for him. I barely feel as though I was there 🙁

But I am getting ahead of myself….
Friday was also shopping time for me, where I found a priceless treasure which Guiseppe had so kindly pointed out for me. I love a man who enables me like that! No, it isn’t what you think…. he told me there was a merchant selling actual 14th century Dutch pottery bits. Specifically a 14th century Dutch Aqua Vitae cup which looks similar to a jar lid:


So I just HAD to buy it in time for the Scotch tasting that night….. and let me tell you, after a simple cleaning, the cup performed beautifully all night and was a hit with a few of our friends. The coffin also made its debut and performed astonishingly! It really helped set the mood for the wake and was commented on by a number of people as to how solid it really was:


As for the Scotch, well, really what can be said? We had some outstanding bottles again this year. The better of which were the Middleton Very rare and the Edradour 12 year straight from the cask. Some of my favourites also made appearances, such as The Balvenie Doublewood 12 year, and a Macallan cask strength which was like mother’s milk (which is odd for me since I rarely like the Macallan).

A toast was made and the flags dropped…. and we moved to Rum!

As it turns out there ARE a few rums I can stand to drink, but for the most part I learned that rum is just too sweet for me. I think I will have to begin sneaking scotch in with me at the next rum tasting.

The next day we were out on the field in armour, but were only able to fight two battles. And the reason is not what you may think. Nope it wasn’t the liquor. See we as the 3 Drunken Celts have a single steadfast rule: the alcohol will never be the reason for missing the fights on Saturday morning. Instead it was simply the heat, and the waiting between battles that did us in. Standing in 97+ degree heat, in the direct sun, in full armour, waiting to fight, is simply s recipe for disaster. So I actually walked off the field before I got hurt or hurt someone else.
Of course, since I was in armour and fighting, I have no pictures of the battles. But I do have pictures of my friend Philippe’s knighting:

Please forgive the quality of the images, as I did not wish to use my flash and detract form the ceremony. Suffice to say, it was a fabulous ceremony for a person well deserving of the honour.

Saturday was fairly eventful with the fighting and knighting and potluck at dinner time…. OH…. that reminds me, I haven’t yet mentioned the FOOD at war! I’ll be damned if we don’t eat better at war than during the res of the year. I think I actually GAINED weight even though I was exercising and sweating more than normal…. But it was soooooo worth it. After dinner was walk about time, though my friends all left while I was showering. So I dressed and simply started walking on my own. I soon met up with another compatriot and soon found the walkabout crew nestled in at the Royal encampment.

And this is where my war went south for about 20 minutes. Turns out the 3 Drunken Celts ended up helping our close friend Sir Christian by bailing him out of a relatively embarrassing “wrong tap for the keg” situation by calling in a favour with another close friend of the camp’s. Unfortunately, the full story wasn’t known to me and I only saw the end result: The 3DC helping out the current Crown of Caid.

Let me step aside for one moment and explain: I don’t like the current crown one bit. Specifically because of how he and the crown prince have treated my friends on the field of battle. They have both shown themselves in very direct fashions to be completely discourteous and fully lacking in any chivalrous behaviour. And my close friends in the 3DC see it the same way. Which is why, when I learned that we were helping the current crowns indirectly by bailing out a close friend, I popped my top and left. Headed straight back to camp. And damn if I wasn’t hot. Luckily by the time Raz came by and let me vent it out so he knew where I stood and I knew the full story (which explained A LOT to me), I had pretty much cooled down. So we grabbed more liquor and headed back out on another walkabout. We ended up at Baka’s camp and downed a few glasses each of a wonderful drink called “varunshka” (or some spelling similar to that). We had brought with us a 1.75 liter bottle of Pale Ale as well and ended up cleaning it out within an easy 2 hours, all the while partaking in the other wondrous drinks being passed our way.

Somehow, we ended up following Sir Arien back to his camp to play some gambling games as only a Landsknecht knows. On the way, we actually had to warn off Sir Stephen of Huntington because our knight was a bit too much of a loose cannon…. But we made it back to his dining tent and played until the wee hours. I think we finally stumbled back into camp around 4.30 am.

Sunday was another hot one and I did as much as I could to just stay cool. BUT, I had indeed promised Mario (CIG) we would get him in armour and fight so Raz suited him up and began the instruction….

He seemed to really get a kick out of it. So much so, he has been talking about playing with the SCA and getting into the fighting, which is pretty cool. Seems like he really had a good time at his first event.

I was also made an offer from a close friend which has got me really thinking about playing more in the SCA again. More than that, it has just got me really thinking. Not to say I have made a decision one way or another, but rather that I have really had to sit down and think about the game and how I play it. Should be interesting in the next few weeks….

As is tradition, the last night of war, Sunday night, the 3 Drunken Celts host “movie night”. This is the time where we drop half of the tasting pavilion and use it as a screen for a projector. Plug in the laptop DVD player, and all of a sudden you have a “drive in” of sorts. This year we played: Young Frankenstein, Office Space, and the classic Death Race 2000. Oh dear god it was fun. I ended up sleeping through at least half of it all, but the parts I didn’t sleep through were hysterically funny… and so were the movies!

Monday was tear down, which went a lot easier and faster than years previous when Raz, Alric, and I were doing trash runs as our volunteer hours. We were off site by noon. Amazing since the last 2 years we never made it off site before 5pm.

Finally got home and showered and slept. Tuesday was more of the same…. and Today was back to werk. Ick. Nuff said about that.

And now for the mundane but interesting bits…..

At war I was offered a job at my previous company. Seems that their support guru has finally been wooed over to IBM and my old boss needs to fill the open slot. Not that I would be taking his place, but rather just the open requisition. IF I decide to pursue it. All I really need to do to get it rolling is give him a number to work with.

Then on Tuesday while doing some basic shopping, I get a phone call from a recruiter for another CM position down in San Diego. (Not gonna happen, but hold tight.) I also have two e-mails from 2 other recruiters for similar support positions.

And it gets better…. Today, my ex boss who just left my current company is also offering me a job. It’s crazy I tells ya…. 2 years ago, I got laid off and couldn’t get ANYONE to call me back for a good 3 months… now they are calling ME out of the blue!

For someone like me who has very little self confidence, my head is spinning with the possibilities. I actually have two positions which I could most likely have just by saying so. I am so used to fighting for a job, I don’t know what to do! Now I could easily have 3 employers fighting to get me in their companies! Truly craziness.

At the least i have spent a fair portion of the evening updating my resume. Like the offer mentioned earlier, the prospect of possibilities on the job front have me deep inside my head as well. These two may actually help push me towards the tech writing job I really desire. Though, of course, they are still support positions, they do seem to have more possibilities than my current state of work does.

I guess we’ll see. More updates to come as stuff progresses……

And for those who just want the pictures from war:

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