The next best thing to being published….

Is being -quoted- in a published article. As of yet, I am uncertain as to what portion of my interview with Camper English was quoted, but I DO know that the article is in the most recent issue of Imbibe Magazine.

Camper interviewed me with regards to my association with the 3 Drunken Celts, and since I am the unofficial “PR Spokesperson” (by default since Raz and Fergus don’t want to be) I was compelled to oblige. Camper asked me a number of questions bout the 3DC and how we do things. Unfortunately (or fortunately) any mention of the 3DC was cut, though that is probably a good thing since we’re not really ready for national exposure like THAT.

It also seems that there is an article on Mead in the same issue, though, which also mentions the SCA. All in all it should be an interesting issue.

I will, of course be picking up a copy tonight to see exactly what WAS left in the article I was interviewed for. So you can sit back and relax and expect another update either reveling in the publicity, or bemoaning the fact that you can’t even tell it was “yours truly” being interviewed. Either way, it should be an interesting read.

8 thoughts on “The next best thing to being published….

    1. Ice cream eh…. I think I’d rather change the rules and make it a nice dram of my choosing next time I’m in town. That’s just how I roll 🙂

  1. yes, i subscribe

    “Saucy group of interested friends”–count me in! Nice PR–congratulations (though I wish they’d mentioned 3DC for y’all).

    1. Re: yes, i subscribe

      sadly, neither Borders nor Barnes & Noble had the new issue in last night, so I still have no idea what was used 🙂

      And, as Jean noted, we -were- just talking about you! Noticed you’ve been pretty silent for a good while and were hoping all was well. (Seems, on LJ at least, silence usually means life is good!)

        1. Re: yes, i subscribe

          Funny you mention that… I was chatting with Jean last night and she noted that Powells, while AWESOME for books, is quite lackluster when it comes to periodicals. Who knew?

          So no, I didn’t try Powells. I figure all I need to do is wait a day or two and they should be coming in.

          On a side note, I did see the new “Whisky” Mag is out. Of course I have a subscription and haven’t yet received it, but IT is on the shelves… just wasn’t my night for magazines I guess.

          1. Re: yes, i subscribe

            Well, rats. Here my Powell’s experience of mrmrmrrr years ago has done me wrong… ;^)

            Glad you guys are settling in. The new Wine fridge has 3 rats ID’d for next time, including an Eberle 2002 Muscat Canelli that looks suspiciously motor-oily, and a 1996 Glen Ellen Syrah (Glen Ellen pre-Benziger). could be strange. could be crap.

            see yah!

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