Survey meme for a slow day.

Survey stolen from tdhartist

Ten Things I’ve Done That Others Might Not Have
(in no particular order)

1. Owned Real-estate Property in Orange County, Ca. since I was 25 years old.
2. Flew in a 4 seated pontoon plane onto a lake in Alaska to fish.
3. Left a job I was completely secure in to return to a previous employer which had laid me off two years prior.
4. Tasted whiskies from every single distillery in scotland currently producing Scotch, and some which no longer exist.
5. Purchased and wore a Utilikilt in public. (Seriously, not many people have them, let a lone know about them. It’s a crying shame.)
6. Fought in a handful of tournaments and Wars wearing armour in full contact and full force combat (via the SCA of course).
7. Became a member of the Andrew Murray Vineyards Limited membership Best Barrique Wine Club. I _know_ not many others have done this as membership is limited to 100 people.
8. Gave a sermon for a packed church seating over 350 people in two separate services. (I was in the process to become a Methodist Minister.)
9. Passed the Orange County Sheriff’s written and physical test to become a deputy trainee. Also passed the polygraph and “interrogation” panel of ranking officers and civilians. Dropped the program after my psyche exam due to external circumstances.
10. Stayed successfully married for over 8 years and together for over 13.

5 thoughts on “Survey meme for a slow day.

    1. From what I have seen with some friends, 2 years is an average length marriage. I commend you on keeping it going for 9 years, but also for knowing when to leave. After such a long time, I am sure it was difficult to make that change.

  1. That’s a pretty nifty list, I may have to cook up one of my own. I don’t think I ever told you, but I lived in Alaska for 5yrs when my dad was in the service. So on my list I could put that I’ve been to an actual dog-sled race!

    1. Well, get to listing then!

      By the by, I fell in love with Alaska when I was up there. Of course, it was PERFECT in the dead of summer time at an even 64 degrees… not sure I’d like it as much in winter.

      1. Actually, winters were really difficult; the reason we were at the dogsled race was because the community organized events to help prevent cabin fever. My mom had 2 small children (15 months apart), and she said if it wasn’t for stuff like that during the winter, she might have killed us. I’m still not sure she was joking… 🙂 I remember having to go to be at 8pm in the winter, and whining about how the sun was still up; it would look like 3pm. And we were only in Anchorage, which isn’t that far north!

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