Sunday was exactly what the doctor ordered…

Jean and I, along with Colleen, Raz and Giuseppe, all made our way to Muldoons Irish Pub in Newport Beach to catch The Fenians play a mid-afternoon set.

We got there around 1pm and finally left at about 6pm. It was a day full of good food, good beer, and great whiskey, along with wonderful friends and fabulous music. It really got me in the mood for St. Patrick’s day. I think we will have to plan something spectacular this year. Word has been floating around about a “Kilt Party”….Hmmm… something to think about.

The rest of the weekend was fairly mellow. Tom and Terri came by to eat, drink and watch movies. Even though Craig was ill, he and Meg stopped by for a good long while too. It was really great to be able to just relax with some good friends for the whole day.

Prior to that was a wonderful ride out on Ortega since it had re-opended the night before. There was some dirt and pebbles still on the road from the rains and repairs, but all in all it was a gorgeous ride. A bit too chilly though. I actually had to stop at “The LookOut” to get a cup of coffee and warm up. Even though the sun was out it was still only registering 55 degrees and I was wearing my summer gloves. brrr.

This weekend is looking to be fairly busy. Saturday night is dinner with my in-laws to celebrate dad and sis’ birthdays.

Sunday is going to be craft day for me since the three hides of nubuck that Raz ordered came in. Time to pattern and cut some of that leather for a new Buff Coat so I can finally have a decent Border Reiver kit for my SCA persona. Soon enough I should actually have a decent and period kit for a Reiver from 1603 Scots borderlands. Fear Me. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sunday was exactly what the doctor ordered…

  1. Kilt Check!!!

    Please, please, PLEASE wrangle me an invite to the Kilt Party!!!
    :::battting eyelashes::::

    Oh, and let me know next time the Fenians play; I saw them at some festival or other & just adored them

    1. Re: Kilt Check!!!

      Consider yourself invited 🙂 Once plans are narrowed down a bit, you can rest assured you’ll know!

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