Stolen meme from tdhartist’s MySpace…

As most of you know, I love talking about my own tattoos and learning about other people’s tattoos, especially the design choices and stories behind them.

Tattoo Survey
If you have at least one tattoo, please do the survey then pass it on!

1. Have you ever cried during a tattoo?
No. Grimaced, winced, and wriggled, yes. Cried? No.

2. When did you get your first tattoo?
Six months before I got married. Around 21 years old.

3. What was your first tattoo?
A Claddagh, designed by my father as our Wedding invitations.

4. Which tattoo is closest to your heart?
The Claddagh, of course.

5. Do you have a matching tattoo with someone?
Yup. Jean has the Same Claddagh in roughly the same area.

6. Do you have a tattoo that someone messed up?
Kind of. My shamrock has a flaw in the knotwork, though it was not the fault of the artist who tattooed me, but rather the artist who designed it.

7. Do you have anyone’s name tattooed on you?
No way in hell.

8. What was the most painful tattoo you received?
My 3DC knot on my right calf. Not only does the ditch of the knee hurt like hell, but the tattoo became infected due to my own stupidity, and when being touched up, sent me through the roof!

9. How many tattoos do you have?
Six. Two on my right upper arm, two on my left calf, two on my right calf. More to come as well…

10. Do you plan on being heavily or moderately tattooed?
Yes. Working in my head on a few sleeve designs and more on my legs.

11. Do you have a tattoo that you constantly have to explain?
Have to explain? No. But I am sure most of my visible ink isn’t exactly obvious as to what it is or why I got it.

12. Have you ever gotten an infection from a tattoo?
Yup. But that is because I was lame and wore a wool suit in 110 degree heat the day after getting work done on it. My bad. Lesson learned.

13. What is the longest session you’ve ever sat straight through?
6 hours if memory serves.

14. What is the biggest tattoo that you have and how long did it take?
Left calf, black work design from the Lindisfarne Gospels. Took two sittings of 4 hours each.

15. Did you tell your parents?
About the first one? After a while… the subsequent ones, sure thing.

16. Do you regret having gotten any of your tattoos?
Not at all.

18. What are you going to get for your next tattoo?
Haven’t come to a clear design yet, but I have a slew of ideas spinning in my head.

19. Do you think members of the opposite sex with a lot of tattoos are hot?
Absolutely. Unless they’re nasty (the people or the tats).

20. Are you fortunate enough to have an arm band tattoo?
I almost was. Then I grew up.

21. How many people have tattooed you?
Three. And I am fairly certain that number will stay the same for a long time.

As Always, pics of our on-going tattoo projects can be found on our personal website’s gallery section here:

10 thoughts on “Stolen meme from tdhartist’s MySpace…

  1. I assume that’s Jean’s back on the first page of photos? My best friend has that tattoo on her arm–what is it called?

    What is the issue with armbands? I agree they’re the domain of the early-twentysomething fellow, but I do like them (but I know jack about tattoos)–are they looked down upon in tattoo culture?

    1. That is indeed Jean’s back on the first page in the album… the back piece was done by Pat Fish of Santa Barbara tattoo (and later touched up by Wendi Ramirez). Pat calls it the “Triplicate Goddess”.

      I just call it a nice Celtic triskel / spiral design.

      As for arm-bands… they are typically seen in the culture as the male equivalent of the tramp-stamp on women (the lower back rising sun or moon or other design, seen on a number of strippers). Most often associated with the beer-chugging redneck of yester-year. Tribal designs are moving in that direction too.

      Honestly, I think most of the aversion to tribal and arm-band designs is surrounded by the fact that so many people get them as their first and often only tattoo.

      I do have to say I HAVE seen a few arm bands, tribal designs, and even some tramp-stamps which are AWESOME works of art. But those typically stand out as the exception proving the rule.

    2. The tattoo design is called the Triple Goddess tattoo. It’s pagan, without screaming, “Hey, I’m a pagan!” I believe it was inspired by the spiral work in the Lindisfarne Gospels, so it also tickles me a little to have a pagan design inspired by a Christian text.

      The designer is (supposedly) a tattoo artist in Santa Barbara, CA. Talented artist, but crappy person, unfortunately.

  2. I did this meme in MySpace. I am REALLY itching to get the next Tat, I have 4 planned out at the moment and I want to add onto the Betty Clone.

    1. Ok, seriously… is there something in your head that made you think I didn’t know this came from your myspace??? I mean the title/subject line of the post seemed to be clear enough: Stolen meme from tdhartist’s MySpace…

      And yes, we all seem to be gearing up to totally occupy all of Wendi’s time 🙂

    1. Re: nothing to do with tatoos… everything to do with fooood and portland

      cool little blog, and awesome NYT article!!!!

      And ya know, I ain’t no Jenny diet nazi… we can ALWAYS make “exceptions” 🙂

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