Still waiting….

Work is a bit better today, but only minorly so. E-mails and phone calls have been trickling in, but I am still underwhelmed with work and anticipating a deluge still.

No matter. So long as it comes after 3pm today, I will not have to deal with it. Nor will it be waiting for me on Tuesday. Because I have Monday off and my manager will have to take the crap that backs up over the weekend like I normally do.

HA. Every once in a while it is nice to take a break and not feel so much pressure (most of it put on by myself anyways) to exceed my own personal service levels. We say there is a 2 day turn around, but in reality I am able and have a driving need to answer support queries within minutes of receipt. If something stands for over an hour, I get stressed beyond words.

So it will be nice on Monday to sit back at home, take care of some housework and not worry a single bit if my users are receiving timely replies.

Sometimes being responsible sucks eggs. Glad I can let go every now and again.