Starting week 11

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

So there it is. 32.4lbs down after 10 weeks.

And I have -finally- started feeling a difference. Going through my closet yesterday looking for a shirt to wear to my citizen’s academy class, I figured I’d try on one or two that had become too small and were relegated to the “back 9”. I am happy to report that I have been able to add two shirts back to my wardrobe now. In fact one of the shirts that now fits is one I have never worn, as it was too small when I ordered it on-line. Give it another 5lbs and it should be very comfy. I figure by the time I have met my goal ALL my old shirts will fit again, leaving only one problem; my pants will no longer fit and I’ll have to go shopping for new clothes. Of course I think I’ll need to go shopping soon anyways just to get some more winter appropriate clothing, since I realized my California Winter clothes probably aren’t going to cut it here.

Of course, this really is good news for all of you since it means you won’t always see me in the same 2 shirts when you come up and visit (hint hint, nudge nudge…).

5 thoughts on “Starting week 11

    1. 🙂 thanks! I am happy that after 10 weeks, I am FINALLY starting to actually see/feel progress. Prior to this any loss was only seen as numbers on a digital readout.

  1. the in(cr)edible shrinking man! It’s probably a nice thing to see something about now – keep you from feeling too frustrated about how you’re progressing to at least occasionally get a visible sign of it.

    (and, OK OK. nudge noticed… M’s sched is ucky from now til end of the XMas season (Retail evil). Y’all up for a weekend’s worth of guests in jan/feb?)

    1. We are totally up for it. 🙂 email me and we’ll start to nail down some good weekends!

      And while my main goal of this diet was to change my eating habits with the hopeful side effect of weight loss, it IS nice to see some physical changes!

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