Sometimes you just can’t win.

While I am (and will continue to be) happier at my current place of employment than my last, there are still ups and downs just like any other place. Mind you, I loved the people at my last job, just not the job its self.

Well, here I am again at the end of a release cycle. Customers will be able to download the new products/versions on Monday. Should be a time of celebration, right? Not so. We in support still have yet as to be able to actually download and install our products. To make matters worse, no one seems to have any answers to our questions. I can not yet get a straight answer as to whether or not our license server needs to be installed prior to anything else, or if our general server install will take care of it. Simple questions really. I’m talking basic support level 101 type questions. No answers. And yet, customers will still be able to download and royally fuck themselves come Monday.

I can’t even FTP the product CD volumes to any of my systems without encountering a number of errors with regards to directory names already existing and the need to overwrite previously existing files (which, of course, neither is the case!).

We have at least 5 different divisions of the company, stationed all across the globe attempting to get a 6 volume CD package of our product suite out the door, and no one seems to be able to communicate in such a way as to answer any questions or create any sort of usable CD volume structure. At least it is a bit of job security for me, even if it is at the cost of my own sanity.

Now I get to try and figure out how to best utilize my four computers on my desk. I run a RedHat Enterprise Server 3.0 box, a Solaris 5.9 box, a Windows 2003 server and a WinXP pro workstation. Looks like it is going to be a fun week of product installations ahead of me…

Thank gods the Whiskey Tasting is tonight… I am soooooo going to need a drink or 10 after today.

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    1. Well, Hello. I just glanced over your LJ and can’t quite make out who YOU are. Will you give me any hints, or more specifically just tell me who you are? Or are you going to really make me work for this?

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