Sometimes weekends are more than the sum of their days…

Last Friday I received my new helmet in the mail. This is designed specifically for SCA heavy weapons combat based on extant examples of 17th century Burgonets from the Germanic/Scots regions.

After a minor meltdown Friday night, and a quick phone call to Raz, I realized that my initial fit tests were entirely incorrect and that the helm does indeed fit properly and wouldn’t need to return it as I had first thought. Believe you me, it wasn’t pretty for a while there.

I don’t have my own pictures of it yet, however I will be heat bluing this helm as well and will post pictures once I have completed the process. I expect to take a full series of process pictures this time, so you can see the change from start to finish and the steps taken in between.

Later that night we headed over to Giles and Guiseppe’s home for the annual Dumb Supper, which is ALWAYS an interesting and enjoyable event. The basic premise is that everyone invited brings a dish which reminds them of a friend or family member who has passed away. At the beginning of the dinner, each person shares their memory of the person and why the chosen dish holds a special meaning. Once everyone has explained their dishes, we serve ourselves a portion from each. A bell is then rung signifying the beginning of dinner which is consumed in silence as it is a time for reflection and contemplation.

This was the 4th year Jean and I had been invited and oddly enough the 4th year I was able to bring the same dish, as I have been lucky enough to not have anyone close pass away since my grooms man died in 1999. So I again honoured Aaron Burdick for another year. It still saddens me to this day that he is no longer with us….

On a lighter note, Saturday was our annual Harvest tournament to which Siobhan and I made a point to attend (albeit late in the day) as we have been quite remiss in the past for our decided lack of event attendance since somewhere around 2003.

The tournament was lightly attended, but a joy to be at none-the-less. It made for a very relaxing day. I just wish I could have kicked this head cold in time to have fought, since I would have been able to fight in both the heavies AND rapier lists due to the light turn out. Siobhan and I DID finally sit down and complete some unfinished business with Santine during the day… we have submitted our paperwork to register our names and I even submitted my paperwork to register my device as well. So hopefully sometime after next Sunday I will know if we are going to be “real” people in the SCA 🙂 (really, we have been planning on doing this for around 5 years now, we’re just lazy.)

Later that evening we went out to the Lazy Dog Café with Wulfric and Lasiarfhiona, and the rest of the gang from Gyldenholt. What a FUN group of people they are! As Siobhan had noted at last war, there really is something specially happening in the Barony right now, and I am happy an honoured to be able to call everyone a friend!

Sunday was even more relaxing in that our only commitment was to join Mary up at All American Tattoo in Fullerton so Wendi could rework her fairy tattoo.

Mary pretty much gave Wendi free range over the reworking with only minor guidelines such as: I want the wings a bit more tattered and worn… and I like the fall colors. Outside of those two bits, Wendi simply free-handed the reworking. If ANY of you ever wondered why I recommend Wendi so highly, the following two pictures of the before and after should explain it all.

THIS is why we keep going back to Wendi (aside from the fact that she is just such a cool person too!):
Mary’s fairy tattoo before Wendi’s reworking. The tattoo sits at the base of Mary’s neck:

Mary’s Fairy tattoo after she let Wendi have carte blanche:

Amazing difference, no? I’ll tell you, watching the transformation was incredible. Wendi made that fairy simply come to life. In fact, the work Mary had done makes me want to go against my own personal beliefs about tattooing and give Wendi free reign over an arm or leg and see what comes of it. I’m sure I’ll get over that feeling and go back to my demanding and controlling ways, but damn her work is just amazing!

Hopefully soon Jean can get her dragonfly done, for two reasons: one, I want more for myself and I can’t get another until Jean has another… but more importantly two, I can’t wait to see how Jean’s dragonfly will turn out!

And that’s pretty much the weekend recap. Should be an interesting week, so hopefully I’ll have more to post about than I did last week. And next weekend is the 3 Drunken Celts meeting (which EVERYONE is invited to) at Muldoon’s in Newport Beach at 1.30pm to discuss the Estrella War party as hosted by Keg’s End as well as next year’s Whiskey tasting at Great Western… should be a good time! And we will, of course, end up back at our place for more drinking and BBQ after Muldoon’s so if you can’t make it at the beginning, you are still welcome to stop by the house later since we will still be going strong!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes weekends are more than the sum of their days…

  1. Wow–that transformation is incredible. Nobody said you had to stick to your tattooing beliefs—they can and should be as flexible as your mind. My (completely irrelevant) vote is that you go for it!

    I love the Dumb Supper idea and may borrow it someday. What a lovely and joyous way to remember people we’ve lost.

    1. When I got home last night and started looking through the pics, I was amazed at how incredible the transformation really was. Watchin the entire process, I missed the larger change while watching all the little ones occur. It was shocking to realize HOW different it realy was after the fact!

      And you’re right about tattooing of course, no one is making me stick to my beliefs… except for myself. We’ll see what happens. I may just follow your advice and my own instinct and be very very happy!

      As for the Dumb Supper, I suggest chatting with for the complete run down as it his tradition which I have been invited to partake in. He’d be able to explain it WAY better than I could, and would be able to pass on some of the more subtle parts of the dinner that I completely glossed over.

      It really IS a fabulous tradition that he has been maintaining for the past 12 years now. It is ONE event I wouldn’t miss for the world. I highly recommend contacting Joe for the run down on it.

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