Sometimes, just sometimes, it is good to be me…

Around 2pm today I receive a phone call from a number I don’t recognize. In a decided break from normalcy, I answered: This is Jason…
And the reply: Is this Jason of the Three Drunken Celts?
Why yes, yes it is…

And thus started my conversation with a gentleman we only know as “Dirt”. You may recall, we met Dirt at the Whiskies of the World expo last year where we found he was the SoCal distributor for a number of whiskies we enjoy. A good person to know indeed. We chatted him up back then, and have been inviting him to our little get-togethers ever since. Of course his work is keeping him amazingly busy as a world traveler schmoozing up clients, so he often doesn’t even get our invites until it is too late. But, in turn, he has been inviting us to tasting as well, typically also at the last minute.

Well today was no different. He wanted to throw us an invitation to Johnny Walker’s Journey of Taste event at Jim Henson Studios. The journey consists of a cocktail hour and 45 minute presentation on the Johnny Walker brand, and concludes with a tasting of their Gold, Black, Green, and Blue label products. The event runs from Wednesday the 10th, through next Friday the 19th, though Dirt will only be there the first two nights.

I thanked Dirt for the invite and let him know I’d call back with names of any who could attend so he could add our names to the VIP list. Immediately after hanging up with Dirt, I got Raz on the line and we decided we will be going Thursday night, the 11th, so we can not only enjoy the whiskey, but also meet up with Dirt again since we haven’t seen him in nearly a year.

It still amazes me that we get invites like this every now and again… it’s good to be 3DC!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes, just sometimes, it is good to be me…

    1. It ain’t easy being green….

      If it were an actual tour of the studios, I’d be more excite about that. As it stands, I am just excited to be on a VIP list for a tasting which will include a dram from a bottle which I have been very curious about (Johnny Walker Blue Label). Well that, and the fact that I am a whiskies snob 🙂

  1. Argh. Blue? Waaa! (Ok, I picked up a taste for it by buying it as doubles for a customer or three.)

    Have fun, bubba! (Biiiiiiitch!)

      1. Love to, but I’m “… leaving, On an airplane, (don’t) know when I’ll be back again…” – I’m leaving Saturday for Seoul and Sydney to make the world safe from boring airplane flights, back the 25th.

        (Thanks for the offer, though!)

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