Sometimes, I just want something pretty.

So, through the home renovations and repairs, there comes a time in everyone’s life where they just need something to LOOK GOOD.

To that end, we just picked up a great addition for our living room which really ties in the whole style:

Yes, my Mission style kicks your wussy Atomic Age’s ass. Bow to my wicked mad interior designer kung-fu skillz.

Now we just need to do… oh, -everything- else!

11 thoughts on “Sometimes, I just want something pretty.

    1. Danke! It fills up that corner well, and adds that extra bit that really makes the room scream ‘mission’. πŸ™‚

      (btw I -have- been reading, just not commenting, on your own renovation experiences. πŸ™ Is there anything we can help with?)

      1. Build a time machine so we can go back and hire someone else to begin with? Ha ha. We seem to be on our way now, thank goodness!

    1. God, our house photographs well. If you saw those shutters in person (I almost typed “shitters”), you would take that back πŸ™‚ They are old, falling apart, and don’t actually fit the windows. They are both picture windows, and whoever put the shutters up actually nailed slats in the middle of the casement to mount the damn things. They are so coming down!

      That being said, we do still want to put shutters up, but they will have to be custom made and installed PROPERLY!

    2. Thanks, but I respectfully disagree with your second point…
      as in awesomely BAD shutters? Yes. They photograph well, but they are going the way of the dodo soon. More likely than not will be replaced with shutters, just BETTER shutters that fit and work. Seriously, the existing ones are crap.

      Somehow I missed the point that you love mission(ary) style. How could I miss that!?!? Silly Seamus.

      1. Silly man! Don’t you remember our back parlor all in A&C style? You know… the one with the cool standing lamp similar to your own?

        Bummer about the existing shutters. Those can be a BITCH to find at a good price. Any chance of repair?

        1. Nope, don’t remember… until NOW that you mention it πŸ™‚

          I never thought of myself as loving Mission/Arts&Crafts/Craftsman as -my own- style. Always enjoyed it from afar for other people but never paid attention to it.

          1. There is just something very warm n’ cozy and comfy about A&C. It is the lifestyle of hot cocoa, relax, and enjoy yourself.

        2. I’ve always loved that back parlor, especially that sideboard that somebody was gonna toss. What a score that was for you guys!

          Tragically, the shutters appear to be the crappy one-size-fits-all style that you can get at any home improvement center. They were forced to fit in the windows, and not very well at that. They really aren’t worth the repair job.

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