Sometimes I ain’t so smart.

I received two packages last night. One contained my new armoured ride pants, and the other, my new armoured ride boots. both paris fit perfectly and provide much better protection than what I was previously riding with.

Now, with the rains gone from the SoCal area, I was able to ride into work today with my new gear. So I kitted up this morning and started my bike to let it warm up a bit (after all it IS still a bit cold here). Got my helmet and gloves on and then I was off in comfort and security…

About halfway to work, I realize I forgot one vital thing: my normal shoes for when I get to work and take my gear off.

So here I sit, in jeans and a sweater, with power-ranger looking armoured boots on. AND I have meetings today, so I can’t just sit in my cube and hope no one notices. Ugh. At least I have this chance to break them in, which is a plus.

I think I’m going to bring a pair of shoes and leave them at work so this doesn’t happen again.

9 thoughts on “Sometimes I ain’t so smart.

    1. Re: Wait a minute…

      You tell me which is the proper spelling….
      as far as I’m concerned “armoured” IS correct. Damn Yanks don’t know how to spell!

      1. Re: Wait a minute…

        Well that’s how I would spell it. It’s just weird to see a “damn Yank” using it. It’s so… perverse! (Or am I thinking of your “kinky boots”?) 🙂

  1. Questions……

    so….are you the red Power Ranger or the Blue Power Ranger? How do you ward off evil space aliens? Do you use your power coin to transform and fight evil with your Dinozord, or do you just use your Zeo powers? Perhaps you are the Phantom Ranger, relying on your turbo powers? When you ride your motorcycle, where do you put your Quasar saber? When you say “bike” don’t you actually mean Astro Megaship? If your meeting today is with the Princess of evil, Astronema, she probably won’t even notice the boots.

    1. Re: Questions…… Answers…….

      I am the black Power Ranger. I ward off evil space aliens with my power coin. My Quasar Saber has a custom made mount on the pillion foot pegs. I do indeed mean Astro Megaship, I just assumed you’d have understood that much. Alas my meeting was NOT with Astronema. Though she did notice the boots.

    1. Re: Oh dear!

      hmmm…. I’m thinking a little of both. 😉

      I like them too, but only for when I am riding. NOT for regular workday shoes.

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