So tired….

4 hours of “sleep” is not enough. I’ll let Jean tell the story in more detail, but here’s the quick and dirty:

Last night Jean went to the ER because of some severe back pain that moved around her chest and caused her difficulty breathing and vomiting. Not fun. So at 9pm I am driving like Mario Andretti to get to the hospital to get her all checked out and feeling better.

They did an EKG, Blood Tests, and Chest X-Ray. All of which came back fine, minus one small “abnormality” in the chest X-Ray. So she will be scheduling a doctor’s office visit today to see what that may be, now that radiology has had a chance to look it over.

She was released at about midnight last night with some Motrin and Darvocet, which seemed to help. At the least I felt better because she wasn’t tearing up any more.

So we get back home at about midnight-thirty and get ready for bed. When I look at the clock, it reads “1:00 AM”. I set the alarm for “5:00 AM” and am asleep as fast as the light can go out.

So today Jean is staying home from work to make doc appointments and figure a little more out. I am at work now, but will also be heading home once my manager comes in at about 8:30am so I can go home and sleep and take Jean to her appointments if needed.

She seemed to sleep though the night, so I believe she is feeling better now. The doc seemed to think the pain is muscle/skeletal related and may be due to a minorly pinched nerve in her back, but that is all speculation at this point.

No need to worry. Jean is fine. She just scared herself and me with the shortness of breath and chest pains.

Good times. I think I’ll take a nap at my desk now…

4 thoughts on “So tired….

  1. OMG…I’m glad that Jean’s ok.
    Please give us a call if you guys need anything! I know you hate to ask for help but I’m offering it and I’m home all day.

    1. Thanks!

      No help needed. I’m home now, and her doc appt is set for 2:30pm. She is up and around and feeling damn near 100% better today.

      Truly, last night was more of a scare than anything. But when it comes to chest pain and difficulty breathing, we don’t tend to mess around 🙂

      So, thanks again, but we got things covered. All she needs is pain killers (if that) and all I need is sleep.

  2. Nope, not enough.

    The human, as lovely as it is, can be such a pain in the neck. Sorry to hear Jean got the inner tweak. I had severe syatica (or however it’s spelled) for seven months or so once. It was miserable, and taught me the meaning of mortality and how delicate these bizarre vessels we walk around in can be. If it is her back, I recommend acupuncture. It’s weird, it’s fun, the offices smell strange but pleasant, and it actually helped my disc quite a bit.

    And you, get some sleep. Under your desk or something. If anyone comes by, say you dropped a pager, or a cell phone, and were looking for it or something.

    And have a good weekend.

    1. Re: Nope, not enough.

      Thanks for the tip! Jean says thanks too…. My closest friend (aside from Jean) has Sciatica as well. That ain’t fun at all, even when its not you. Damn man!

      Actually I just woke up from a 4 hour nap at home to take her to her doc appt in 45 minutes. I love working in a small company: I said “ER”, and they said “Leave”.

      So the weekend started early, with a nice long nap. And we both feel better now! At this point the doctor’s appt is just to see why her back and chest hurt, more than as a remedy to stop it from hurting. Cause we don’t want to have to do this again if there is something that can prevent it.

      Thanks again for the good words!

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