So close Ican TASTE IT! launches tomorrow and I have a founding membership to the site prior to the registration closure! I am so excited for this!

—– will be a self-contained, membership-driven, internet tv channel devoted solely to the history, tradition, manufacture and enjoyment of single malt Scotch and aimed squarely at single malt fans from novice to the connoisseur. ALL PROGRAMMING WILL BE ORIGINAL although we may from time to time air programs supplied by Distilleries or other groups which we feel will be of special interest.

The channel will be built on custom-made programming developed specifically for the channel, originated in Hi Definition by professional crews, and featuring one of the world’s leading authorities on Single Malt, Mr. Charles MacLean. Segments will run between 3-15 minutes and be mounted on the web in multiple compression Windows Media capable of displaying on your computer full screen at almost regular television resolution (depending on connection speed).

Topics will be covered in-depth and may be presented as stand alone episodes or in multiple short clips. The channel will run scheduled programming, a news service, special features and the entire video library will be searchable and playable as video on demand. We will also accept news stories of whisky related events from our members. Special feature stories will also be produced and these may run up to 40 minutes in length.

The goal is to provide an engaging, intelligent and fun channel catering to the specific tastes of the members. The focus will be the people and the characters behind the labels. Our crews are already in Scotland shooting the equivalent of 26 episodes which will amount to hundreds of individual clips for the channel.

Can you see why I am excited? As a Founding member of the 3 Drunken Celts I am not only obligated to search out new information about whiskies, but to be on the cutting edge of it all too, and will be a great resource to that end!