So…. WHAT 15 albums?

In response to plumerai’s journal entry poll here: where she asks the age old question: “It is decreed that the only music you will ever hear from this point forward comes from 15 albums of your choice. You will not be able to hear any other music, anywhere, ever. However, if you agree to have two toes amputated, you can regain access to your entire music collection and will hear any and all music as you do now. The toes are also of your choice, but they must be removed from the same foot. You: Amputate your toes, or amputate your music?”

I chose to amputate my toes. Then I started thinking, “which albums would be on my top 15, IF I could even narrow it down that far?” So, as an exercise in futility, I though it would be fun to actually try and figure out what 15 albums would comprise my top list:

1. Jaco Pastorius, Self Titled “Jaco Pastorius”
2. Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
3. Depeche Mode, Black Celebration
4. UB40, Labour of Love
5. Tears for Fears, The Hurting
6. Miles Davis, Aura
7. Bare Naked Ladies, Gordon
8. Jane’s Addiction, Nothing Shocking
9. Rush, 2112
10. Johnny Cash, The Essential Johnny Cash
11. The Bothy Band, Best of the Bothy Band
12. Flogging Molly, Drunken Lullabies
13. Prince, Graffiti Bridge Soundtrack
14. Rammstein, Sehnsucht
15. The Cure, Staring at the Sea: The Singles
16. Various artists, Mo’ Betta Blues soundtrack
17. Black Sabbath, Self Titled “Black Sabbath”
18. Yaz, Upstairs at Eric’s
19. Sting, Nothing Like the Sun
20. They Might Be Giants, Flood
21. R.E.M., Eponymous
22. Kraftwerk, The Mix
23. Abba, Gold
24. The Birthday Massacre, Nothing and Nowhere
25. Peter Gabriel, Secret World Live
26. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Requiem
27. Motley Crue, Too Fast for Love
28. King’s X, Out of the Silent Planet
29. Tenacious D, Masterworks
30. Moxy Fruvous, Bargainville

I failed. I had to –stop- myself at 30. And I KNOW there are albums I have simply forgotten which I couldn’t live without. The above list simply reflects the first 30 that came to mind at work, without the luxury of scrolling through my iPod for reminders (like the Beastie Boys, License to Ill, which I just thought of…). The list could go on to at least 60 “can’t live without” type albums.

***Edited to note that Greatest Hits albums, Live albums, and Concert DVDs count as valid albums in my world.

p.s. Sorry plumerai, I lied… Ritual de lo Habitual didn’t make the list… even at 30 albums.

13 thoughts on “So…. WHAT 15 albums?

  1. say goodbye to the little piggies

    Yah, I’d be willing to lose a couple of toes for my tunes.

    Now if it were FINGERS, I’d have to do some serious thinking….

  2. Now I want everyone’s top 15! This was neat.

    Well, if I wind up in Portland, you and I can listen to the Beatles and possibly Miles Davis together. I’ll have to leave for the rest.

    But I’ll be dancing with agility the whole time, and barefoot. With my gorgeous, intact feet.

    1. you wont have to leave since I’m not bound to only 15 (by virtue of no toes!). We’ll just listen to your 15 🙂 (so they better be good!)

      Plus, I don’t dance well, so that isn’t much of an issue… Where dancing is concerned, I am more of a rivet-headed industrial stompy boot kind of dancer, which doesn’t require much in the way of toes.

      AND… I am still waiting to see your top 15 list 🙂

  3. Hmmmm, you went for Pepper’s instead of Abbey Road (or the White Album) and Too Fast for Love instead of Shout at the Devil (though I’d have a tough time with that also)… Graffiti Bridge over Purple Rain… Hmmmm… interesting.

    But you have Sting’s “Nothing Like the Sun” on there and that’s a freakin amazing album.

    But is it fair to have “Greatest Hits” and “Live” albums on a desert island collection? Try narrowing it down to just 10 albums with NO Hits or Live albums and see how hard it is. 😉

      1. Secret World Live is my #1. and I’d be stumpy, too. I wouldn’t even dream of trying to categorize my top 30, much less top 50.
        …um… do ya think that concert DVD’s count as a single album?

        1. Yes, concert DVD’s count in my book… (especially since Tenacious D’s ‘Masterworks’ is just that 🙂

          As for Secret World Live… I HAD to buy the DVD since I literally wore out my VHS copy ages ago to where the music is audibly SLOWER than it should be!

    1. Oh, I also want to address the choices you pointed out and “greatest hits” issue as well….

      You see for some of the bands (like Kraftwerk and the Bothy Band), the only album I have ever heard is the “hits” albums listed. Because of this, it still counts since I listen to them as if the songs were developed for that specific purpose. To the point where I didn’t even realize that some of the greatest hit albums were “hits” albums when I first heard them, like R.E.M.’s Eponymous… I thought it was just a normal album like Document was.

      And yes, I prefer Sgt. Pepper’s over the others based on them memories that particular album holds for me… the White album may have been better, but it doesn’t have the same emotional connection that Sgt. has.

      Graffiti Bridge is just hands down better music than Purple Rain. More of Prince being Prince and experimenting. Some GREAT avant garde stuff in there, as well as a bit more funk to it.

      And “Too Fast for Love” has ‘Livewire’ and ‘On with the Show’ so it automatically out ranks any other Crue album by 10 fold. 🙂

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