Sniff, sneeze, cough, weeze…

I have successfully ignored most of my work today. My head cold is slowly catching up with me and I just can’t concentrate on complex issues.

So, instead of work, I have found the following website which displays the Latest 200 images posted to LiveJournal accounts:

(Be warned, the images can be quite disturbing or offensive. So don’t click the link if you’re a prude.)

This link is a train-wreck on the internet and has wasted the majority of my day. And that just makes me sad….

… well, off to more gawking….

4 thoughts on “Sniff, sneeze, cough, weeze…

    1. Re: specialness

      I find disturbing comfort in the fact that you are as amused by the link as I am. The internet (and LJ specifically) is a scary, terrifying, and enchanting place to frequent.

      And yes, I am indeed feeling better. Thank you 🙂

      1. Re: specialness

        It’s weirdly fascinating and melancholy at the same time. I clicked through some of the pictures and a few were abjectly bored and unenthused teenagers looking for something to ensnare their attention for longer than a day.

        I also saw an image of a naked man with dozens of small naked woman clambering over his body as if he were Gulliver, stroking and such. So add disturbing to fascinating and melancholy.

        But yes, the human animal’s psyche is spread out on the LJ matte like a flayed human’s torso in one of DaVinci’s notebook drawings, and you can peer into it as deeply as you’d like. No matter how weird it gets.

        What better way to spend one’s free time at work?

        1. Re: specialness

          Truly, it is a visceral look into the proclaimed inner thoughts of the connected youth. While I reservedly take what is out there as only half “truths”, it is intruiging as a voyeur and likewise telling as exhibitionism.

          My time is no longer mine, I fear, but rather is now part of the larger collective psyche that has my attention so snared.

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