SCA meme

1. What is your SCA name? (You don’t have to write the full name, just your first name if you want)
a. Seamus O’Domhnaill of Devil’s Beeftub. Yes, it passed, is documentable, AND registered.

2. What is your home kingdom?
a. Kingdom of Caid, Barony of Gyldenholt

3. Have you ever lived in another kingdom? If so, where?
a. Not yet… though when we finally move, we won’t be playing in the local barony/kingdom.

4. Do you remember your first SCA event? When/what was it?
a. Absolutely. It was a Harvest Tournament in Gyldenholt in 1999. There was a knighting that day, though sadly I do not recall the knight’s name. (Perhaps Dante, though I am most likely mistaken.)

5. Do you have any awards? (You don’t have to list them if you don’t want)
a. Well here’s a tricky one to answer… I have an AoA which bears my name, though I am still convinced that the award was actually intended for Raz. This is supported by the fact that Raz didn’t get his when I was presented with one, but in fact got his an event later, almost as if his original one had been misplaced… hmmm….

6. Do you list them after your name in communications like e-mail?
a. No way in hell.

7. Do you have a device?
a. Yup. Can’t remember if it passed or not. Can’t even remember the specific one submitted (as there were changes).

8. Do you use it? On what?
a. On my lists shield, which typically is attached to my tent. Reminds me where home is 

9. Are you on all the kingdom/society lists available to you, or do you avoid them?
a. I am on a few lists, but avoid the big ones like the plague.

10. Do you keep your Pennsic/Estrella/Gulf Wars/etc. site tokens?
a. I try to keep all site tokens. Never been to the big three.

11. Do you keep the favours you’ve been given by royalty/friends/Sos, etc.? Do You wear them all?
a. I wear all three favours: my wife’s, my Queen’s (Felinah II), and my friends’ (3DC)

12. Do you call your friends by their SCA names even when you’re not at an event?
a. Sometimes it is the only name I know, so yes. Other times no.

13. Do you go out to dinner in garb after an event?
a. Typically, yes.

14. Do you have all kinds of garb, or do you generally stick to one period?
a. All kinds, though less of it now since we are weeding out the unwanted stuff prior to moving.

15. How many interests do you have within the SCA? What’s your favourite?
a. I –was- into fighting, sewing, working on authenticity, and throwing whiskey tastings. Now it’s just the whiskey.

16. Do you have an SCA-oriented web site (to show off projects, keep dress diaries, etc.)?
a. SCA-specific, no. Oriented, kinda… pictures of SCA events and projects on And then of course there is the SCA group which has moved beyond the SCA:

17. Do you maintain a hairstyle that is more period style than modern?
a. I used to, but then I cut it all off two years ago.

18. Do you tell “No $###, there I was” stories? (Admit it.) Do any of them involve well-known SCA people?
a. All the time. That’s the best part of sitting around the fire (aside form the drinkin). Some involve –infamous- SCA people. Others involve nobodies.

19. Authenticity is Fun. Yes or no? Why?
a. Yes! Though I failed miserably at it, the authenticity is the reason I started playing and recreating –authentic- pieces is what kept me going.

20. Is there one modern thing at events that really bugs you?
a. Sunglasses and tennis shoes. Don’t even get me started.

21. Bonus Question! Everyone has a shameful garb/accessory mistake hidden somewhere in their past. What’s yours? (We’re all friends here, we promise not to laugh. Much.)
a. Jerkin, poet’s shirt, ren-faire moccasin boots, and loose fitting dockers at my first few events. I would have been better off borrowing from Keys. Oh well. Oh, and my excessively large cotehardie I wore at last Estrella. Warm and comfortable, but hideously big and poorly made.

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