I know it has been quite a bit since last I posted, but outside of work, things have been pretty quiet. I’ve been getting a bit antsy again and wanting to take a road trip or do SOMETHING to stave off the boredom, but have yet to do anything about it.

I’m finding myself in another rut, which seems to happen every year or so. I get bored and feel the need to shake things up a bit, but never seem to actually do anything about it. Sometimes the feeling passes quickly, sometimes it takes a good long while. This time is the latter…

I just want some excitement and a bit of change.

Well, I guess I got what I asked for. This morning I started my bike, which failed the first time, but came right up after I choked it slightly and hit the starter again. As I was backing out of my garage, I noticed something that made my stomach sink: the display had reset its self. While this may seem mundane and completely ordinary to most, what it means to me is another round of shop-time and not having my bike for who knows how long.

You see, when the display resets itself that means one thing: electrical issues. Basically, my charging system still seems to be shot. If the charging system is shot, that means every time I ride the bike, it drains the battery slightly. When the battery drains, the bike no-worky. Bikey no-worky makes Jason not happy. SERIOUSLY not happy.

So, it is off to the shop once again for an indeterminate amount of time to try and solve this puzzle of an issue. I love the guys and gals at the shop, but I fear my patience this time won’t be as long as it has been before.

All I want is a bike I can rely on. If I am in constant fear of draining the battery then I won’t be comfortable taking longer (or for that matter even SHORTER) rides. I have been wanting to ride up to Santa Maria for some fun on the back roads by the vineyards, as well as just take off for a day or two and see where I end up. This just won’t be happening until I can have some faith that my bike won’t crap out on me when I am hundreds of miles away from home on a quiet road coming up on dusk, and no where near any sort of automotive services.

For the meantime, I will be stuck driving my Grand Cherokee again. Which sucks, ‘cause, ya know… its not a bike. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Rut-roh

  1. Don’t rule out joining the circus! Seriously, I’m sorry you’re in the rut. Ennui is hard to break out of—the standard “shake things up” advice is hard when you’re not particularly feeling it. The grand catch-22.

    1. Thanks for the empathy 🙂
      There is nothing worse than sitting on the couch watching tv KNOWING that you could, and should, be doing something more productive and interesting but not feeling the slightest motivation to actually DO anything. Truly a down-ward spiral.

      More-so, it is exacerbated by the fact that I can now identify this particular cycle and state of mind so I KNOW what is happening, but still can’t do a damned thing about it. bleh.

  2. Beware the creep…

    …of unexpected boredom. It’ll drive one to do the most bizarre things. Soon you’ll be getting a new tattoo, or starting a band, or a inciting a political movement.

    I figure they’re a good thing, though, as self-propelled change is never a bad thing. Except for this bike business. What kind of bike did you get? I’ve never heard of a new bike being so touchy. My friends who’ve owned them bought old beaters that required constant maintenence. Hang in there! Isn’t there a zen book about this sort of thing. wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Never could get through that one myself to be honest.

    Okay, back to work for me.

    1. Re: Beware the creep…

      getting a new tattoo, or starting a band, or a inciting a political movement.

      You know, all of those things have an incredible appeal to me. Hmm, maybe I could parlay them all into a single action. Something to think about 🙂 (Actually I need to finish the Lindisfarne Oval on my left calf before I can think about anything new.)

      My bike is a 1998 Honda Red VFR800Fi Interceptor.
      Rock solid as they come. The ONLY major issue these things have is the regulator/rectifier which was recently replaced with the updated and fixed version. I bought this bike because of the history of reliability outside the one issue.

      Right now, no one can seem to tell me why my battery keeps draining. The stator, r/r, and battery have all been checked and signed off as good. The wiring harness shows no signs of a short or drain when the bike is off. It is a very odd situation.

      1. Re: Beware the creep…

        That’s one fine looking bike, you have there, Poet…but…

        …I hate to be the one to tell you this. I mean, the signs have been there all along, so it’s high time you accepted the truth and hired a priest.

        Your bike is haunted.

        Shame that.

        1. Re: Beware the creep…

          Danke for the compliment… as for the Haunting… I fear you may be right. Electrical gremlins are a devil to get out. Problem is Holy Watertm and electricity don’t normally mix.

          Strike that. Electricity and _I_ don’t normally mix.

          I think I know why it was such a good (though not too good to be true) deal on a virtually un-ridden VFR. But I am determined. I LOVE this bike. It WILL bend to my will and give up the ghost to me.

          1. Re: Beware the creep…

            Electricity my ass, that bike needs a cross waved over it accompanied by weird chanting from some old guy wearing a black dress.

            Watch out for the screaming banshees that lift up from your “resetting” displays, or pea soup that drips from your exhaust pipe.

            Serious business is afoot, and I can’t have you getting whisked off to the fourth circle of hell, where I’m told they force the residents to listen to Michael Jackson’s comeback album over and over again. They have it there already, you know, ready to ship.

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