This weekend has been relaxing thus far. Took Lenore in for a new coat of paint to finally kick-start our project with her to make her look better, next up is the upholstery.

Next it was back home to watch some season two episodes of Six Feet Under. Yes, we just got into this show since we don’t get HBO and have to rent the DVDs.

Then it was off to Natraj with Ant & Lisa for some curry, and back to their place to watch some Eddie Izzard and gorge on cheesecake. Oh, and to play with the newest little one, Oliver the kitten.

Today is just sitting on the couch watching more Six Feet Under, then ribs for dinner. No plans for tonight or tomorrow, which means we’ll have time for some minor chores like mowing the lawn and cleaning the kitchen etc.

Lenore should be home on Wednesday or Thursday, about the same time I will be getting my bike back from having its chain and sprocket replaced as normal maintenance dictates. An expensive week to be sure, but for things which need to get done. Pictures of Lenore can be expected sometime late in the week.