Quick weigh-in

So, even with last weekend’s resplendent debauchery of food and drink, I still managed to drop 2.2lbs. I must have counteracted all the food, beer, and wine with the gallons of 5HourEnergy drinks and Redbulls I had on my ride down and back!I can’t otherwise explain how I dropped ANY weight over this past week…

Not that I am complaining. If I can have weekends like that and still lose, well I am a very happy camper 🙂

2 thoughts on “Quick weigh-in

  1. You know, I’m looking at your BMI, and I currently am at about a 27, which is considered “overweight”. More and more I’m finding that the BMI measurement is total crap.

    1. My guess is that the BMI number is not a static measurement, but rather the scale itself slides based on body type, sex, etc. So a 27 for me may be considered uber-healthy, while a 27 for you may be considered morbidly obese and cause a doctor to wonder how you are even still breathing. So, yes, total crap no matter how you slice it.

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