Projects abound

I tried my hand at blue/blackening armour today. I have to say, for my first attempt, I am pretty damned happy with my results.

I used a Bernz-O-Matic torch, readily available at any Home Depot or Lowe’s Home improvement centres near you. For a quench, I used a can of WD-40, which seems to have done the trick. I opted for WD-40 since it had a spray nozzle, and I really had no good method for dunking red-hot metal into water.

I heat blued both my new gorget, as well as my burgeonet helm… pics of the results follow:


While the blueing isn’t as even as I would like, I am indeed growing fond of the imperfections as it gives the pieces a bit more character than a consistent finish would. More over, I just like the fact that I won’t look like everyone else on the field.

Of course the most important part, and the driving reason for trying my hand at heat blueing: I won’t have to worry as much about rust. And THAT is a very, very good thing.

14 thoughts on “Projects abound

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the compliment! Sorry to hear about your last show. Sounds like you have learned a valuable lesson: Don’t leave your reputation in the hands of others!

    1. Thanks! Believe it or not, I know very little as well. All I care about is looking good, and I think this will do it for me 🙂

  1. Veddy veddy nice!

    I saw that you got a multiply account. It’s a pretty nifty site – really easy to use. What a surprise to see your username on The Dark Room list! I always knew that you secretly wanted to be a part of the Fayetteville goth scene.

    1. heee…. I was just curious to see what the scene out there looked like. After your last post about the place, I just had to see for myself.

      Gotta say, its nothing like the scene out here in LA. Similar, but so very very different.

        1. Just the shear number of people in attendance, and the level of dress-up seen. If Dungeon hadn’t shut down, I’d have a link to pics for you to see… the best I can do is show you Perversion, which is similar, but still not quite the same:
          Be warned, these may not be deemed work safe, dpending on your work environment. No nudity, but close.

          Check out Bar Sinister too… this is where more of the “High Victorian” and powdered donut goths like to hang out:

          1. Powdered donuts – hee-hee! I know exactly who you’re talking about. I guess we have a pretty decent size scene considering that this is Northwest Arkansas. And hey, we had the Cruxshadows! I mainly go because it’s the only club that plays good music. Everywhere else is too crunky and top 40ish (and too fratboyish). That and the fact that I seem to be attracted to men wearing chains and eyeliner.

            1. Oh don’t get me wrong… its not like I am totally in the “scene” or anything. In fcat my wife is more goth than I am, even when I am trying to be. 🙂

              I was just commenting on the differences between Arkansas and Los Angeles… If I were back there in AK, I’d be right there with you at the Darkroom!

            2. There’s a difference between AR and LA? Golly gee! Who would’ve thunk it? (We have to make fun of ourselves so we don’t cry.)

              Oh, and back to your original post – I really like the blue. You did a good job on that!

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