Plumbers and Notaries Oh my…

Plumber came and left yesterday in all of 15 minutes. They’ll be back with the part needed to replace the regulator, but its done and finished in my eyes.

The notary is coming by tonight so we can sign off on this place and be done with it. Whoo!

Next, we are off to El Torito for some cadillacs and salsa with Colleen (degopiccolo). Should be a good time. Lord knows we need to relax a bit.

Tomorrow is packing packing packing and more packing, then off to Giles’ and Guiseppe’s for a murder mystery hosted by Lasairfhiona. Should be MUCHO fun, and again, much needed relaxing after a day of packing.

Next week is the “crunch time” before the move. Finishing off the packing, and finishing off the sale/buy. This means Jean and I will need to warm up our “initialing” fingers and “signature” hands for a marathon stint of paperwork sometime around Wednesday or Thursday.

Weeeeeeeeeee. Time for drinks!