Picture post!

As promised, following are a few pictures from the Johnnie Walker Journey of Taste event which Raz and I attended last week:

This is Raz and I prior to queuing up for the beginning of the night. The event was held through the hallway to the right of the image

Raz and I being geeks over the fact that this was held INSIDE Charlie Chaplin’s studio!

The core portion of the evening was the guided, seated tasting in the square:

I am not fond of this picture by a long stretch, but it is the only one we have of our new friend Ian:

Larger versions of all 4 pictures can be found here: http://www.waywardcelt.com/Coppermine/

5 thoughts on “Picture post!

    1. It’s funny, we DO look smug, but we were really just restraining random bouts of giddiness. And it was indeed a serious hoot, much like the upcoming Whiskies of the World will be…. hint hint hint.

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