Well, this weekend was fairly exciting.

Friday night Jean and I went to dinner and a movie with Tom and Terri (vmperella and tdhartist). Saw Kill Bill vol.2. Holy crap was that a fun movie! Of course, a lot of that fun may have rubbed off from the four of us laughing hysterically at each other just before the flick began. 🙂 If there is such a thing as too much fun, that may have been it.

Got to bed kinda late (for me anyways), and 7am came all to quickly the next morning. But I had promised a friend that we would help out with an SCA demo at CSULB. So we were up and dressed and on our way by 8am.

When we arrived at the demo, I found that one of my favourite fighters was there, unannounced. I was pissed. Because I had been talked into fighting rapier for the day, rather than full-armoured heavies. Needless to say, I drove back home, got my heavies kit, and made it back up before any of the fighting started. It -was- a bit of a drive, but soooo worth it for me to be able to fight in full armour again and against some of may favourite people to fight.

And DAMN if I didn’t get a work out! I am still sore from Saturday! Not from being hit, mind you. But MUSCLE sore. Ugh. I am so out of shape. 🙁 The worst part of the muscle pain is the current and constant reminder that I was not fighting with proper technique. Had I been using good form, my fore-arms wouldn’t hurt at all. As it is I was using too much wrist, which is a very bad thing in full armoured fighting.

Eh. Either way I had a blast.

Later Saturday night Raz, Colleen (degopiccolo), Jean and I all went out for Mexican at “El Cholo” in Irvine. We are SO going back there! The food and drinks were FABULOUS, and the price is right too. Think El Torito Grill and you’re there.

When we got home Saturday night, we both passed out from sheer exhaustion. I think I slept from 10.30pm until 10am. And damn if I didn’t need it. Jean wasn’t as lucky, but there isn’t much you can do about internal clocks.

Sunday was total slacker day for us. And that was a “Very Good Thingtm. We -should- have gone to Baron’s Feast on Sunday, but we never would have made it there, let alone back. Both Jean and I were so exhausted and still dehydrated from Saturday’s demo that we were barely able to do anything around the house. Jean did some grocery shopping, and that is about it. Even laundry didn’t get done yesterday. Instead we sat our butts on the couch and watched Kill Bill vol. 1, which was just as good as vol. 2. That pretty much took up our afternoon. I grilled up dinner, we watched 3/4 of SLC Punk, sat in the jacuzzi for a bit, then passed out again.

Oddly, I woke up this morning feeling much much better. I am still wicked sore form the fighting, but I am no where near as exhausted as I feared I would be. And I think I may be re-hydrated finally. Hmm. Guess that means it is time to drink more again 🙂

This week is Stereo buying time. I have been granted permission to get a receiver and speakers. Currently looking at some B&W 602 S3 series that sound damn near immaculate. Seriously. These things are so clean they could birth a christ child. Great Highs and mids, and even some decent lows for such a small speaker box. Have no fear though. I WILL be supplementing those lows with a nice sub.

Not sure what receiver I will end up with, but I am fairly confident the B&Ws will be coming home with me this week.

I soooo can’t wait for some high-quality sound. It has been too long with the craptacular-ness of the Aiwa bookshelf system. I need crisp, clean, and now that we have a house: I NEED BASS RUMBLE!!!

Next weekend (May 1st for those of you playing along with the home version) is our Open House. I am hoping to have the system setup by then so I can show it off a little. But even if I don’t have it set up yet, the open house should be quite the blast. I really can’t wait to actually entertain and throw a party. It has been YEARS since we have tried, and now that we have the space, I want to use it!

Come one, come all, etc.